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With over 20 years experience, Duplex Cleaning Machines specialise in providing quality Italian floor cleaners, steam cleaners, as well as vacuum and industrial cleaning equipment for commercial and industrial sectors.
Duplex Cleaning Machines is an exclusive distributor of Duplex products in the Asia-Pacific region, and have local distributors in all Australian capital cities and most outer and regional areas.
If you have any questions or would like a free on-site steam cleaning demonstration, please call us on 1800 622 770 or enquire online.

Pest Control - Bed Bug Removal

Undeniably the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs. Steam is a natural pest control equipment method and can eliminate bed bugs anywhere

Hospitality Cleaning

Clean and restore your kitchen surfaces and floors with Duplex Steam, Jetsteam Maxi, and Jetvac Junior.

Cosmetics Cleaning Solutions

Thermally sanitise cosmetics equipment with ease

Day Spa Cleaning Solutions

Day spa cleaning important to improve hygiene

Maximise hygiene in dentist theatre

Improve the cleaniliness in your dental clinic areas with our versatile machines.

NEW Sales Dealer Opportunity

Become a Sales Dealer or Distributor with Duplex in your flexible lifestyle.

Gymnasium Equipment Cleaning

Easy and chemical free cleaning of gymnasium equipment

Clean Gym and Fitness Centres easily

Use power of steam to sanitise, restore and disinfect gym and fitness equipment

Infection Control

Superheated dry Steam is rapidly becoming the standard for infection control. Cleaning Equipment...

Massage Therapy Facility Cleaning

Effective Cleaning Solutions for Massage Therapy Facilities with Duplex

Start your cleaning business

Set up your own cleaning business at your own pace, whether it be mobile car detailing, carpet cleaning, or kitchen cleaning - for greater ROI

Wine Barrel Cleaning

Use Duplex wine barrel cleaner to remove tartrates and rehydrate barrels


Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet Cleaning Equipment uses less water, chemicals and effort using a Duplex Steam 420. This compact unit is fast to set up, simple to use, easy to transport.

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Start a Cleaning Business

We have a range of cost effective start a cleaning business packages with all the products and advice needed to start a successful cleaning businesses.

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Ideal Industries

The Duplex range of steam cleaners, steam vacuums, floor cleaning machines and carpet cleaners are ideal for cleaning:

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Microfibre Cleaning Supplies

We supply a range of cleaning supplies including microfibre cleaning cloth supplies and cleaning chemical supplies that compliment our steam machines and floor cleaning equipment.

Our microfibre range includes mitts, cloths and gloves. They also come in a range of different sizes and for a variety of applications. Our cleaning chemical supplies include Flotex Fit it and Flotex Clean It, as well as gum remover chemical and silicone spray.

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Complete Industry-Specific Cleaning Solutions

Infection control

Tips and information.

Automotive Cleaning

With duplex equipment.

Industrial Steam pressure

Cleaning applications.


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Demonstration via Skype or Facetime

To see an on-the-spot demonstration, simply contact us and one of our sales representatives will perform a demonstration direct to you via Skype or Facetime. Features of our live broadcast will include:
  • • Machine applications and maintenance
  • • Step by step process on use of machine

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Duplex Cleaning Machines offers distributorship opportunities across Australia and New Zealand. As a Duplex Distributor, you will operate your own self-employed business, with the backing of an established brand. No ongoing fees. To find out more, email us for your free information pack.

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