5 Steps to chemical free cleaning in healthcare
Touch Point Cleaning
Outbreak Cleaning in Healthcare walls and surfaces
Regular cleaning and equipment detailing

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Today, cleaning processes that involve wiping down surfaces with a rag or mop are highly inefficient

  • A key reason for this is that bacteria in our healthcare environment have become stronger and resistant. Steam is rapidly becoming the standard for infection control and sustainable cleaning practices because it cleans, sanitises and disinfects the healthcare environment in one simple system, replacing multiple methods of mops and buckets, rags and chemicals. Over the last decade, recent studies are showing us the powerful capabilities that steam has against killing and removing micro-organisms including MRSA, VRE, HIA and clostridium difficile from all surfaces, areas, and environments.


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Director of Duplex and Author of 5 Steps to Chemical Free Cleaning in Healthcare, Murray McDonald, has worked closely with thousands of hospitals and aged care facilities through his Australia wide touch point cleaning and 5 Steps workshops.

Our training sessions are free to attend for facilities and their staff.

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  • Practical knowledge: Touch point cleaning: patient rooms, bathrooms and more
  • Discover tips of the trade: How your staff can get the most out of steam cleaning

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Hospitals and aged care facilities are welcome to attend our next open training session where the key steps to rolling out a chemical-free cleaning process in a healthcare facility will be presented. Contact us to find out when our next seminar will be in your state.

About Duplex

Duplex has been specialising in the supply of chemical free cleaning solutions for the healthcare sector for over 25 years experience. Duplex is the exclusive distributor of Duplex and Tecnovap steam technology in the Asia-Pacific region.


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