Infection Control - MRSA, VRE, C Difficile, HIA

Clean aged care and nursing home surfaces with Duplex products

Infection Control

Superheated dry Steam is rapidly becoming the standard for infection control. Studies show that steam is able to completely remove micro-organisms (MRSA, VRE, HIA and Clostridium Difficile) from work surfaces, stainless steel, floor tiles and even upholstery.

Steam is renowned as the world’s most reliable disinfector as heat kills bugs. With boiler temperatures of up to 190º C Duplex dry steam cleaners have proven to destruct bacteria in seconds. Our machine-produced, dry steam is more effective than old mops, rags and dangerous chemicals.

Duplex products are not only efficient in infection control; but they will also reduce cleaning time, physical effort and cut chemical bills in half. So for fast, effective and versatile MRSA cleaning solutions look no further than Duplex products.

Infection Control - Reduce Outbreaks of

  • MRSA
  • HIA
  • VRE
  • Clostridium Difficile

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Recent research from the UK’s Department of Health shows the necessity to implement new procedures for infection control in our health care facilities.

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Using steam for infection control

Upholstery Cleaning with a Jetsteam Maxi and Steel Scraper Tool  

Infection Control - Upholstery - Chairs & Sofas

  • Effectively thermally sanitise, and remove bugs without chemicals
  • Hygienically clean and leave furniture dry in minutes
  • Efficiently clean all textile upholstery like chairs and sofas
  • Deodourise upholstery by destroying the source

Mattresses and Beds Cleaning with a Jetsteam and Floor Steam Tool  

Infection Control - Mattresses & Beds

  • Thermally sanitise without chemical disinfectants
  • Kill MRSA, VRE, HIA, C Difficile bacteria in seconds
  • Efficiently clean mattresses leaving them dry in minutes
  • Deodourise mattresses by destroying the source of the odours

Curtain Cleaning with a Jetsteam and a Steam Scraper Tool  

Infection Control - Curtains & Drapes

  • Thermally decontaminate curtains during an outbreak
  • Clean curtains and drapes with dry steam as they hang
  • Save thousand on hiring expensive cleaning contractors
  • Eliminate time spent removing for laundering

Carpet Cleaning with a Jetvac and Floor Tool  

Infection Control - Carpet

  • Thermally decontaminate carpets during an outbreak.
  • Deep Clean carpet and kill hidden bacteria (MRSA, HIA, VRE) in the fibres
  • Deodourise carpets by destroying the source of the odours

Bathroom Cleaning with a Jetsteam and Rectangular Steam Microfibre Tool  

Infection Control - Bathrooms

  • Thermially destory bacteria
  • Effciently daily clean bathrooms in under 4 minutes;
  • Periodically detail clean bathrooms with ease;
  • Provide a no touch toilet cleaning alternative;
  • Minimise water use and eliminate chemical cleaning agents.


Infection Control - Hard Floors

  • Santise the surface with steam
  • Effectively clean and restore floors to new;
  • Reduce cleaning time in large areas like corridors;
  • Provide a more OH&S friendly alternatove to wet mopping;
  • Deep clean traditionally difficult profiled floor surfaces with ease.


Infection Control - Walls & Floors

  • Efficiently clean and thermally sanitise
  • Dramtically reduce cleaning times
  • OH&S Friendly
  • Elimante MRSA bacteria

Ideal products to assist Infection Control

microfibre Domestic Cleaning with Jetsteam Maxi Domestic Cleaning with Jetvac Junior
 thermoglide  duplex-steam-but  


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