The Duplex Upright Vacuum Cleaners Range


Duplex are cleaning specialists, providing customers the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners in Australia and New Zealand.

Duplex is a family owned company that has been offering the biggest range of vacuums with our new water filter vacuum cleaners.

The Duplex range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners will suit your commercial and domestic needs. The Duplex upright vacuum cleaners all operate for long periods of time without the need to change water filter or vacuum cleaner bags.

Browse through our range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners and notice the large selection of adjustable accessories to suit your vacuum model, with a combination of floor tools and water filter vacuum attachments.



The CleanAir vacuum cleaner has proven effective wherever air cleaning is a priority. The vacuum cleaner is the quietest vacuum available.


The FastVac is an upright vacuum cleaner with a motorised power-head that produces great results on all carpets. Operated in long laps the FAstVac is also very efficient.


The BatVac 50 is an industrial wet / dry vacuum featuring battery powered walk behind operation, a 730mm vacuum path and a 50Lt recovery drum for highly efficient results!



The BatVac 50 Steam is a combination of ASP50CAB an industrial powerfull wet and dry vacuum cleaner, specially designed to quick vacuum large flooring areas

vac14-machine VAC14-heading
The VAC 14 is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a water filtration system and a large 14 Lt vacuum recovery drum
Speedy Vacuum

 Duplex Speedy

Duplex Speedy vacuum is the latest household deep down carpet cleaning machine with the push of a button - removing deep down dirt from the fibre base in the carpet surfaces.


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