Our Accommodation Cleaning Equipment in the Media

Duplex Cleaning Machines has recently been featured in the following accommodation industry magazines:

Cleaning in accommodation industry is prominent and very common in everyday basis where the guest hygiene and facility reputation becomes the priority.

In this accommodation media exposure, Duplex Cleaning Machines places the emphasis on the deep steam cleaning using steam vapour, which allows the environment settings in all facilities in the accommodation industry to be readily available and quickly usable after cleaning

Automation - Cleaning robot trial is it a worthy investment?

Cleaning Robot Trial Is it a Worthy Investment?

Hotel Engineer, 13/08/2019View source

Cleaning Cost Reduction

Cleaning Cost Reduction

The Executive Housekeeper, 08/05/2019View source

4 Common Motel Cleaning Myths

4 Common Motel Cleaning Myths

The Australian Motel Owners Journal, 30/04/2019View source

Get a total student accommodation cleaning system

Get a total student accommodation cleaning system

The Australasian Student Residences Management Journal, 05/05/2017View source

Top reasons to shift from a visual clean to a deep clean- as outlined in Housekeeper magazine, May 2016

Top reasons to shift from a visual clean to a deep clean

How to carry out a deep clean, 03/05/2016View source

compelling reasons to select deep cleaning as the preferred option over surface cleaning

Top reasons to shift from a visual clean to a deep clean

The Executive Housekeeper, 08/02/2016View source

Achieving fast hygienic bathroom cleans throughout accommodation houses hotels and motels

Fast and Hygienic Bathroom Cleaning

The Australian Motel Owners Journal, 09/09/2015View source

Examining the need for an efficient workflow in accommodation house bathroom cleaning

Why workflows matters for fast and hygienic bathroom cleaning

The Executive Housekeeper, 28/08/2015View source

Fundamentals of implementing chemical-free cleaning in accommodatio cleaning

How to implement a chemical free cleaning program in your facility

The Executive Housekeeper, 06/08/2014View source

industry print media exposure for Duplex, within Your Future Home magazine

Give your home a green clean

YourFutureHome.com.au. 10/02/2012View source

the best ways to clean and maintain an environmentally friendly footprint

Top Environmentally Friendly Ways to Spring Clean

Resort News, 29/10/2012View source

understanding- and being able to differentiate the importance of real cleanliness, from simple presentation

The Difference between Presentation and Cleanliness

Accommodation Management Guide, 29/10/2012View source

Ensuring that a deep clean process is implemented effectively and thoroughly for maximum benefit and sanitising of treated areas

How to ensure a deep clean process

Facility Management, 29/10/2012View source

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