COVID-19 Aged Care support grant to provide a safer environment

At Duplex, we aim to provide a clean and hygienic aged care environment for your aged care facilities through our cleaning & disinfecting machines. Simply enquire for the selected machine range below to us and consult with our friendly sales team on how we can improve your facility health and safety with specialised equipment.

A few common issues in aged care:

Reduce risk on airborne COVID-19 transmission on aged care workers and patients with ViRaTon
Photon attenuator that disable airborne viruses

ViRaTon is our latest breakthrough technology that is built to deactivate protein spikes of viruses. Up to 99.99% of airborne and surface viruses are disabled through the emission of photon particles. It is designed to keep us safe within an occupied environment - protecting patients, staff, and guests from the spread of viruses.

Viraton application in aged care setting

Viraton photon attenuator

Prevent cross-contamination with versatile floor cleaning machines

Duplex floor cleaners are popular for its versatility, ergonomic design and mechanical agitation, allowing faster cleaning and drying time, easy manoeuvre and better cleaning result.


Duplex floorscrubbers applications

  • Lithium
  • Lithium evolve
  • Duplex 280
  • Duplex 340
  • Duplex 420
  • Duplex 620
  • Duplex 340 Steam
  • Duplex 420 Steam

Achieving COVIDSafe quality care with high thermal steam machines

Thermal steam pressure produced at more than 180°C ensures seamless cleaning, degreasing, or disinfecting process without leaving any moisture. Additional tools and attachments provide more versatility and practicality for a wider range of cleaning applications.


benefits of portable steam cleaners

Steam cleaning applications

  • Evo Detergent
  • Evo Water
  • Jetsteam Maxi
  • Jetsteam Maxi Inox
  • Jetsteam Inox
  • Jetsteam Tosca
  • Jetvac Eco
  • Jetvac Junior
  • Jetvac Inox
  • Jetvac Maxi


Find out how our equipment can improve hygiene and safety in aged care and download brochure

The Australian Government announced an extension to their current funding for aged care providers nationwide to helps aged care facility managers and owners purchase disinfection equipment that improve work health and safety.

To apply for the Australian Government Aged Care Support, click here to view the information.

Alternatively, you may also contact us at 1800 622 770 to book an online demonstration, ask for a quotation or talk to our experienced consultant on the ideal machine to suit your cleaning and safety requirements.


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