Health Sector Media Cites Advantages of Cleaning with Dry Steam Vapour

Duplex Cleaning Machines has been featured in the healthcare and aged care industry magazines:

Removal of bacteria in intensive care unit patients and handwashing sinks

Removal of bacteria in intensive care unit patients and handwashing sinks

Medical Journal of Australia, 01/03/2013View source

Why gym could be making you sicker not healthier

Why the gym could be making you sicker, not healthier

Executive Style, 01/06/2017View source

Get a total healthcare cleaning system

Get a Total Healthcare Cleaning System

Fusion, 18/04/2017View source

five steps to achieving chemical free cleaning processes

Free to attend Seminar 5 Steps to Chemical-Free Cleaning in Aged Care

Fusion, 26/04/2016View source

steam cleaning is featured in a health interview on radio

Leading Supplier to Many Including the Healthcare Industry Where Cleaning is of the Utmost Importance

Health Interview Radio, 28/05/2015View source

Introducing the latest in aged care hygiene

Introducing the latest in aged care hygiene to meet demands for chemical-free cleaning

Fusion, 02/04/2015View source

duplex cleaning is mentioined within an article published by the australian ageing agenda, in March 2015

Chemical free cleaning

Australian Ageing Agenda, 10/03/2015View source

duplex is mentioned in the publication 'Fusion' the renowned aged care authority

2 key ways to prepare for the shift to chemical free cleaning in aged care

Fusion - The voice of all aged services, 28/05/2015View source

a discussion within InClean magazine addressing the increasing significance and acceptance of chemical-free cleaning, within aged care accommodation and facilities

The Shift to Chemical Free Cleaning in healthcare strengthens

InClean Magazine, 19/01/2015View source

an article in exeutive housekeeper magazine, discusses the steps needed to implement a chemical-free cleaning program within aged care and facilities for the elderly

How to implement a chemical free cleaning program in your facility

The Executive Housekeeper, 06/08/2014View source

aged care insite features the article 'clean quarters and clean corners' which looks at how steam cleaning is a powerful and complete way to sanitize difficult access areas for a thorough result

Clean Quarters, Clean Corners

Aged Care inSite, 06/03/2014View source

An article published in AgedCare InSite concerned with cleaning without chemicals- achieving outstanding results in a chemical-free cleaning environment

Cleaning without Chemicals

Aged Care inSite, 11/03/2013View source

Aged care sector needs quality cleaning

Aged care sector needs quality cleaning

Hospital & Aged Care, 25/02/2013View source

article in aged care magazine speaking about spring cleaning in elderly accommodation facilities

Start spring with a clean slate

Aged Care InSite, 12/11/2012View source

examining the dangers of Difficle C in aged care- article published in August 2012

Prevalence and Dangers of C difficile in Residential Aged Care

Agendas Magazine - Spring Edition, 30/08/2012View source

an article presenting the case for the importance of strict cleaning and hygiene, within aged care hospitals and healthcare facilities for the elderly

Poor Cleaning Can Be Costly

Hospital and Aged Care, 17/04/2012View source

cleaners and carers within aged care, learn the secrets of infection control, and preventing outbreaks of infectious disease

Aged Care Workers learn the Secrets of Infection Control

Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association, 05/04/2012View source

training for cleaners in aged care- developing skills to control infections through an understanding of the best cleaning procedures and techniques

Training Key to Infection Control

Aged Care In Site, 19/03/2012View source

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