Bakery Production Facility Cleaning

Bakery Cleaning Solutions Equipment

Duplex Cleaning Machines have an exclusive range of steam cleaners, floor scrubbers, industrial steam machines and vacuums that are ideal for complete cleaning of bakery production facilities.

The Duplex range of steam cleaners are ideal for fast hygienic cleaning of bakery production equipments, rack, the benchtops, and many more. With superheated dry steam at up to 190°C, Duplex steamers hygienically clean all surfaces in short times, with little water and no chemicals.

To cleanise and deodorise the bakery production equipments such as the rack, tray holder cupboards, benchtops, ovens, Jetsteam Maxi and Jetvac Junior are ideal cleaning machines to use in regular basis with a great deal of flexibility.

Conveyor Belt Cleaner, Steambox and Steam Pressure can be used to clean the conveyor belt or machinery where the breads and cakes are produced.


The Thermoglide steam mop uses +120°C dry steam combined with microfibre technology to sweep, mop and disinfect surfaces in a single pass. The Thermoglide is also great for improving OH&S as it eliminates the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the old mop and bucket.


Having a Jetvac Junior, or Jetvac Maxi is especially beneficial for deep cleaning and sanitising of the butchery equipment and accessories such as metal table, as both of these machines provides steam at the highest temperature enough to kill bacteria and decontaminate whilst getting rid of stains instantly.


Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks with Duplex steamers that can effectively and efficiently decontaminate textile surfaces. AS 4187 states ‘Moist heat in the form of steam under pressure is the most dependable, fast and economical method for the destruction of microbial life’.