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Duplex hosts many interactive events, through Skype, and on-site. Presentations and information sessions can be arranged at your workplace, or at the Duplex showroom. We welcome your suggestions of topics for future posts- in fact many of the articles within our blog have begun as suggestions from readers, customers and website visitors.

Public Swimming Pool Cleaning Made Easy- with Dry Steam Vapour Equipment

Are you responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of your swimming centre?

In recent years, Australian swim centres have been laying safety floors in poolside areas to help reduce slips and in turn, insurance costs; however, this has led to a problem for swimming pool cleaners as these surfaces are difficult to keep clean. Swimming centres can fast become populated with bacteria, disease, body fats and hairs that get trapped within drains and tiles.

Clean Vehicle Exteriors with Powerful Steam Vapour Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning cars and automotive vehicles is made easier with Duplex steam cleaners

We have all been there - cleaning your car or vehicle is a hassle causing you to use up a lot of valuable time. Most people are after an effective, powerful and fast cleaning process that can quickly eliminate dust and stubborn metal stains that can stick to the exterior of your car.

Duplex Cleaning Machines specialise in car steam cleaning. Duplex cleaning equipment combine hot water injection and superheated dry steam vapour, which is one of the most effective means of removing all stains, grime and smells.

Effective Steam Cleaning Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Steam Cleaners with Duplex

Is your café or restaurant’s cleaning methods using up significant amounts of water? Or is your priority to present a hygienic and clean hospitality business, whilst getting rid of harmful chemicals and the out of date mop and bucket in the process?

The common issues that hospitality businesses face when it comes to their cleaning methods are:

  • Presentation is important in order for customers to return and therefore cleaning must be a daily priority
  • Different flooring and areas of a hospitality business require different cleaning methods making it difficult for businesses to meet hospitality industry standards
  • Large surfaces and greasy floors need to be cleaned within short time frames

Effective Daily Sainitising of Vet Clincs and Animal Care Rooms

Those who work in veterinary clinics and animal hospitals are aware of the importance of daily hygienic cleaning and sanitising. Preventing outbreaks and viral infections between animals is a priority for many animal care businesses as well as preventing the transmission of disease from pets to animal doctors, nurses and pet owners.

Cleaning equipment by Duplex Cleaning Machines is specifically designed for the cleaning of animal care facilities, and other businesses that require daily “deep cleaning”.

Careful Process Scrutiny Reduces Cleaning Costs

When it comes to cleaning in the healthcare industry we are always looking for the best ways to get the job done. We want better results, and faster and more convenient processes. Looking for ways to improve the cleaning process is important to maintain high standards within the healthcare industry and only continuous learning will see this industry continues learning will see this industry continues to be efficient and reflect a positive reputation when it comes to hygiene and sanitation.

Cleaning Systems for the Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry

Are you aware of the variety of areas that require daily cleaning in a cosmetics factory?

The following are key hygiene issues in cosmetic factories:

  • Air quality: Due to the usage of alcohol, materials, chemicals and mists during the production of cosmetics, air quality is significantly affected.
  • Spills and staining: The making of cosmetics involves spills and staining making it difficult to cleaning with the traditional mop and bucket.
  • Slippery Floors: Constant spills means constant mopping leading to slippery floors, injuries and OH&S issues.

Improve Day Spa Facility Hygiene with Regular Cleaning

Spa hygiene is essential to eliminating and preventing bacteria and disease. Spa baths can accumulate an incredible amount of unhygienic and unhealthy matter putting the health of your customers and your business reputation at risk. Therefore,day spa cleaning solutions must be implemented, and fortunately, Duplex Cleaning has the expertise in cleaning matters for day spa centres with versatile steam cleaning machines that can solve the hygiene problems quickly without the need of chemicals. Duplex Cleaning are specialists in commercial cleaning solutions .

Our Clean NZ Seminar Presentation

Are you a hygiene manager, start-up business owner, facility manager or cleaning contractor?

Cleaning processes and infection control are fast becoming issues of high importance on many business agendas.

It is important for businesses, managers and contractors to have up-to-date knowledge on specific flooring, cleaning procedures as well as machines and products used. It is only through education that businesses can improve their cleaning standards and not be left behind.

Pharmaceutical Facility Sanitising with Commercial Steam Vapour Cleaning Equipment


Steam at 180 degrees Celcius kills bacteria effectively to maintain and exceed hygiene level everywhere.

No dirt particles or bacteria are safe while Duplex Cleaning machines are around.

From product line equipment to clean room walls, floors, and ceilings to touch points and equipment, Duplex cleaning machines can clean them all in once, as well as provide ultimate hygiene without excess of water and need for chemicals.

Harness the Power of All-in-one Cleaning with Powerful Dry Steam Vapour

I’m sure you know the feeling…many contract cleaners know the irritation of lugging around numerous products and equipment to get the cleaning job done. There are different floors, rooms and materials that are to be cleaned, and each one has a different process and need.

You will be happy to hear that there is a solution. Steam is the most effective way to clean dirt and mould, and to kill bacteria. It is versatile because it is powerful.

It is imperative to have a versatile steam cleaning machine as part of your existing cleaning equipment range to get the job done efficiently, yet without comprising on the quality and standard of the cleaning process.

Effective Kitchen Cleaning within the Accommodation Sector

Duplex Steam Cleaner is ideal for efficient cleaning of kitchen and equipment detailing.

Kitchen cleaning in accommodation industry is mostly time consuming because they are often accessible in 10 hours a day to cater the hospitality for hotel guests and are usually left quite greasy after food production with oil, fat and food residues being left on the surfaces. This is of particular concern due to food safety standards and makes a headache for the safety inspectors in the case if it does not meet the expectations for such high hygiene in accommodation industry. In addition to that, it is imperative to keep the kitchen surfaces clean and hygiene to meet the accommodation hygiene standards.

Cleaning Equipment for Hives, Apiarists and Apiary Equipment

Cleaning an apiary work environment and equipment can be a hard and dangerous task, as the bee equipment is frequently  attacked by the other insects, bacteria and mites. Furthermore many honey bees are usually infected with bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungus and parasites therefore chances for disease outbreak are high so a disease and pest control is mandatory for every apiarist and beekeeper in the work environment.

Be Part of Schools Clean Up Day- Register Now to Partner with Us

The annual Schools Clean Up Day 2012 is approaching soon on 2nd March 2012, so Duplex Cleaning Machines have the initiative to help and volunteer its cleaning services to all primary schools throughout Australian metropolitan and capital cities on the Schools Clean Up Day.

Clean Up Day is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Cleaning Machines

Clean Up Day 2012 for businesses and schools is approaching soon on 28th February 2012 and 2 March 2012 respectively, make the best of cleaning day with Duplex’s versatile, flexible and fast cleaner that saves you hours of hard labour and reduce the physical pain and strain gained from outdoor work in longer periods.

Maintain Cleanliness in Cheese Processing Factories- Decontaminate and Sanitise with Powerful Steam Vapour

Maintaining a clean and hygienic cheese manufacturing factory and facility should be important for the factory supervisors, cleaning managers, quality assurance manager, and the factory owner in order to keep the cleanliness standard to be highest as possible to keep cheese safe from bacteria infestation, spillages and pollutants. Lack of cleanliness and cleaning regimes may lead to the decreasing quality of the cheese being produced, and even a possibility for waste of resources and ingredients that took the labourers hefty effort to create perfect cheese blocks.

Clean Nightclubs Thoroughly and Effectively Without Using Chemicals

The Nightclub’s Only Problem is….Cleanliness!

Over these years ,  there is not much happening in the most nightclubs Australia wide. The nightclub venues may become bigger with different liquor amounts, entry fees and different music, however there is one missing ingredient that needs ultimate attention – hygiene and cleanliness issue. The cleanliness issue is often the major problem for all nightclubs with the fact that they can attract a bigger sums of crows and ever-increasing number of people which can contribute to the disruptions and dirty areas within nightclubs because there are alcohol, food spills, chewing gums and cigarette smokes scattered everywhere in the floor and seating areas in nightclubs prior to the end of business day.  Hygiene problems in nightclubs can often  become contributing factor to the decline of the visitors or causing damages to the interior decor or the quality and attractive phases of nightclub.

Professional Cleaning Tips for Upholstery, Walls, Blinds and Glass

Cleaning Tips Week #1:

Have you ever wondered how to clean the upholstery, walls, blinds or glass effectively and efficiently to optimise the cleanliness and greater results, but not being able to find the guide? If not, Duplex Cleaning have the following tips that you should follow. Here are some useful guides and tips on steam cleaning walls, upholstery, blinds and glass.

Add Cleaning Equipment to Your Hire Inventory

Expand your equipment stock in your hire business with Duplex versatile products

Have you ever wondered to how to produce a greater return of investment within your equipment hire business?  Or would like to increase stock of high-end quality machinery equipment to hire in effort to increase sales? Then look no further than Duplex Cleaning’s own versatile cleaning machines!

Duplex steam cleaning machines are best known for its versatility, respectable brand in their industry, and excellent cleaning results. By having Duplex products in your inventory items list in your business, you will have a opportunity to attract number of interested hirers or customers who want to hire the dependable cleaning machines in the likes of Duplex domestic and industrial floorscrubbers.

Do You Want to Start Your Own Cleaning Business?

If you are one of the potential start-up founders or owners looking to start and building up new cleaning business soon as possible - whether it is for cleaning automotive and cars, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery and accommodation, Duplex Cleaning is presenting an online workshop on how to start cleaning business with just five steps.

Water Rebate Promotion – Get up to $2,000 back for purchase of high pressure steam cleaner

Living Victoria Water Rebate Program - Get rebate back worth up to $2,000 or 50% of the expenditure. Celebrate this financial year of 2012 /2013 with the rebate offer from Duplex Cleaning Machines. When you purchase one of our eligible, high pressure steam cleaning machines from the following list, you are eligible to get rebate back from Victorian Government during the promotion period between 1st July 2012 until 30 June 2013: Jetsteam Maxi Jetvac Junior Jetvac Maxi Jetvac Professional Jetvac Eco Steambox Steam Pressure For information on how to obtain the rebate back up to $2,000, visit Call 1800 622 770 or email to info[@] for further information on our range of Duplex cleaning products. Get Rebate back worth up to $2000 or 50% of the expenditure through the Living Victoria Water Rebate program when purchasing one of our steam cleaning products. This only applies to Victorian small business residing in Victoria, Australia with a staff size of 50 employees or less.

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