3 Steps to Efficient Carpet Cleaning

three steps to efficient carpet cleaning

Dirt and stubborn stains on carpet can occur in many ways. Whether you are spending time with kids or pets in the home, or because you accidently spilt your wine - dirt and accidents happen. A clean carpet adds to the peaceful atmosphere of your room. Hence, it is important to prevent dusts, fleas and bugs from moving in and disrupting a healthy living environment.

So, how do you clean efficiently clean carpet?

Well, technology has now made it easy for us. Though vacuum and different odour removal mixtures are effective, different carpet cleaning equipment will ease your work significantly.




Here is a 3-step cleaning solution for you to get your carpets looking like new once more.

Step 1: Get Prepared:

To perform a satisfactory clean, first of all, make a checklist of your cleaning equipment. Be sure that you have the proper cleaning tools. Here is a list of cleaning items that can contribute to an effective carpet clean:

carpet cleaning equipment preparation

For optimal cleaning, it is best to remove all the furniture from the room and start in a clockwise direction, and always clean from the top down to the floor.


Step 2: Vacuum and Clean:

  • Use a vacuum to pick up any loose fibres or dirt.
  • Use a floor scrubber to get deep within the piles of the carpet or pores of hard floors.
  • Empty out grime that the floor scrubber has picked up.
  • Start the process on the next floor surface or room.

This process can be done on all types of floors. You can even go from carpets to tiles to hard floors using the one process.

vaccum and scrub carpet surface


Step 3: Carpet Cleaning Equipment

To clean out the toughest odors and stains buy commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

To ensure the purchase of a proper carpet cleaning machine it is important to know the nature of your carpet. Our highly experienced team can help you in this regard.

When looking for the right carpet cleaning equipment, take a look at what you’re trying to achieve. Having a “clean” floor is one thing, but do you want it to have a deep clean to keep away bacteria or are you looking for a surface clean for presentation?

For example, a vacuum will give you a surface clean, picking up loose particles and giving a smooth presentation. A floor scrubber will agitate the carpet and provide you with a deep clean. If you use a floor scrubber that has a steam component, this will kill bacteria and disinfect your floors. For individuals with kids and pets, steam vapour floor cleaning can be an ideal process.

Unlike steam cleaning, “steam vapour” cleaning doesn’t take hours of drying downtime. This is because it’s a dry steam, and this typically will only take minutes to dry.

For more information or handy tips, take a look at Duplex’s best commercial carpet cleaning equipment and methods to ensure healthy, eco-friendly and safe cleaning practices.

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