5 Ways to Deep Clean Upholstery

5 ways to clean upholstery with steam vacuum equipment

Cleaning expensive upholstery is something you want to tread with great care, especially when talking about sensitive material. If you are to perform a successful deep cleaning, using commercial cleaning equipment is recommended, rather than a domestic use machine.



Here are 5 ways to clean upholstery with steam vacuum

1: Properly prepare for the job:

Preparation means you need to get your tools in order. For an efficient deep cleaning, you need:

  • A steam / vac machine
  • Upholstery tool
  • Microfibre cloth

upholstery cleaning equipment preparation


2: Use dry steam:

Dry steam is a vapour that is produced with around 5% moisture content, and it will allow your upholstery to dry in minutes rather than hours. Chairs, curtains, lounge suites and mattresses can all be completely dry within the hour if you are using dry steam. Traditional steam, such as the steam produced from a domestic machine or from traditional ‘steam cleaning” service, will more than likely use a steam that is high in moisture content.

super heated dry steam vapour for cleaning upholstered chairs


3: No smell is a clean smell

There’s no reason to use perfumes or scents in order to get your upholstery smelling like new. No smell actually tells you that a surface has been cleaned. It’s the bacteria build up that creates the odour. Without bacteria, than no smell should occur. Also, many people can be allergic to particular scents, so it’s best to not use these unless you have been given specific instruction to do so.

a clean upholstery has no smell


4: Don’t use chemicals

Just like perfumes, there is no reason to use any chemicals. Chemicals will differ from brand to use, therefore it can be particularly tricky to know whether your chemical on hand is safe to use for that specific upholstery. Instead, just use water that produces a steam vapour via a reputable a machine. Steam machines are compact, easy to use and should last you for years to come if a professional one is purchased.

use water that produces steam vapour via steam vacuum cleaning equipment to clean upholstery


5: Get the right commercial cleaning equipment for the right job

What this means is that you shouldn’t get overzealous and complicate things unnecessarily by using the wrong tool for the job.

If you ask your equipment supplier the right questions, and tell them of common applications and use, they should point you in the right direction.

commercial cleaning equipment for upholstery detailing

For more information or handy tips, take a look at Duplex’s best upholstery cleaning methods to ensure clean and hygienic upholstery.

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