An Effective Guide to Keeping Shopping Malls Clean and Hygienic

Largle floor cleaning with Duplex floor cleaner

Every day, shopping malls are subject to a high rate of foot traffic. Effective cleaning is crucial to create a positive impression on the people who use malls for shopping, entertainment and dining, or even to pass some leisure time.

Cleaning a large surface area like a mall is not an easy task. Proper planning and use of modern and high-tech cleaning machines can ease your efforts.

Here is the guide to ensure that large area in retail venues and shopping mall centres are fully cleaned.

1. Invest in Effective Cleaning Equipment

General cleaning equipment like mop and bucket, are not good enough to clean soils and contaminants from a large and busy area like malls. Besides, this labour-intensive and time-consuming process leaves the floor wet and increases the risk of fall and slip injuries. Modern cleaning machines like Duplex 620 have instant drying capability and allow visitors to use the floor instantly. It is capable of removing soiling and mud at entry points, and you do not need to bother with the signboard “wet floor.”

2. Make a Detailed Cleaning Strategy

Modern equipment will make the process easy for you, but still, you need to make a comprehensive cleaning plan. Malls should be cleaned at least once a day and should be given special attention in some areas, like restrooms, entry points and dining areas. Cleaning staff should always be aware of spills and hazards and should be capable of taking immediate action.

3. Don’t Forget the Upholstery

Sometimes upholstery is overlooked during cleaning procedures, but this can be a common area from where germs spread. Steam vacuum cleaners like Jetvac will help to remove dislodged soiling and grime without the need for extra cloths or apparatus in the process.

Proper cleaning equipment and regimes are both equally important in improving cleanliness while at the same time reducing the incidence of slip / fall injuries, which will improve the mall’s atmosphere, reputation and overall customer experience.

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