Prioritising Hand Washing and Hygiene

Global Handwashing Day is held on the 15th October and is a global campaign to raise awareness about how washing your hands with soap is a key way to prevent disease. Global Handwashing Day is making hygiene a priority.

Duplex Cleaning is asking the question, what does Global Handwashing Day mean to you?

For Duplex Cleaning, Global Handwashing Day acts as a reminder to all businesses, facilities and individuals that cleanliness and hygiene are everyday priorities.

At Duplex Cleaning Machines, we offer a range of versatile, compact steam cleaners to disinfect and sanitise bathrooms, including wash basins and toilets to ensure hygiene is always a priority.

Duplex Cleaning’s Jetsteam Pro and Jetvac Compact are the machines to make bathroom cleaning much quicker and easier. No longer will you or your cleaner have to manually scrub the toilet, wash basin, washing vanities, towel holder, and walls whilst breathing in harmful bleach fumes.


Superheated dry steam lifts all stains

  • Thermally sanitises surfaces
  • 130 degree Celsius hot steam kills all bacteria on contact
  • Steam is a powerful deodoriser that removes bathroom smells
  • Many Duplex Cleaning steam units come with a variety of tools that can be used in kitchens, on floors, windows and many more surfaces

For more information or to book a free demonstration for your premises, contact Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770 or visit

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