Announcing Grout Line and Tile Cleaning Equipment for Cleaners

tile and grout cleaning equipment results- a before and after photo The attached image provides a glimpse into what is possible when a person uses one of our hand-picked machines, to clean tiles and grout lines. The results on the left side of the photo were achieved with a single pass, using the Jetvac Major.

In response to many requests from contractors and commercial cleaning staff, we've gathered four of our machines which have a particular suitability for cleaning indoor tiled surfaces as well as tiles outdoors, like you'd find around pools, spas, patios and outdoor dining areas. The tile and grout cleaning equipment page features four different machines, each suited to a particular workload and operating environment. Outdoor tiles have a different moisture absorption to indoor tiles. Different load characteristics apply to tiles too- for instance wall tiles aren't designed to be walked on, no matter how hard the occupants party.

How does this impact cleaning? Move forward with confidence, knowing that the dirt and grime dissolving power of superheated dry steam vapour is kind to all types of tiles, even if the occupants or owners of the premises are not.

In almost all cases, tiles and grout lines can be thoroughly sanitized and restored to clean condition, by simply using steam vapour as the cleaning agent.
That means chemical costs are a thing of the past- and savings begin immediately you start using the equipment.
There's more to smile about too- cleaning tiles and grout with pressurised steam is made easier with a range of specialised fittings and tools, which we have right here in our factory. You'll get the job done quicker, with less fuss and at a lower cost to you- the cleaning company operator or staff manager. We encourage you to follow this link to our tile and grout cleaning equipment. Compare the machines- read about and see- the differences between models. Experience them for yourself. Simply call or email for a demonstration.

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