Cleaning and Disinfection of Hospital Floors - The Best Methods

In a hospital setting, everything from the rooms to the floors should be thoroughly cleaned. After all, the various environmental surfaces such as floors can be a breeding ground for a huge number of bacterias that causes human acquired infections. Needless to say, certain methods should be conducted in order to properly clean and disinfect the whole hospital floor.

These methods are as follows:


 healthcare floor cleaning equipment

 1. Using the effective disinfectants

In a healthcare setting, it is important to use hospital-grade disinfectants to properly disinfect hospital floors. These hospital-grade cleaners are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to provide their antibacterial properties. To be considered as hospital-grade, a disinfectant should be effective against common disease outbreak bacteria such as Salmonella choleraesuis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Among the known disinfectants used in cleaning, hospitals include phenols and quaternary ammonium compounds.

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2. Using the proper tools

As important as using hospital-grade disinfectants is using the right cleaning tools. While a traditional broom is commonly used for sweeping floors, it is not recommended as a cleaning technique, since particles can spread into the air and transfer throughout the entire hospital.

A recommended cleaning tool is the Duplex Lithium, a revolutionary floor cleaning equipment that comes with the three functions in one machine: a scrubber, washer, and dryer. The best part about this machine is that it has all the functions needed to thoroughly clean a hospital floor in a single pass.

 compact cordless wireless floor cleaner

Additionally, it’s cordless, so there’s no need to struggle with a cord or wiring for each cleaning session, therefore it provides wireless cleaning. With its dual-direction cleaning feature, cleaning hospital floors can be made quick and easy without the need to lift or turn it.

Lastly, this cleaning machine doesn’t require any chemical or detergent to clean the flooring surfaces.

Final Notes

Although all hospital floors don’t necessarily play a major role in transmitting germs that contribute to human acquired infections, it is still appropriate to keep the floors of a healthcare facility on a regular basis. The use of disinfectants and proper cleaning tools can help control the spread of harmful bacteria from one room to another as long as the right procedures are followed.


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