Cleaning Churches and Worship Centres for the Christmas festive season

Curtain Cleaning with steam vapour machinery in Worship centre

Churches and worship centres, like any crowded public places, can get dirty in no time. This tends to be even more problematic with the upcoming Christmas festive season when everyone will gather for religious celebrations. In this context, keeping your church clean is ultimately an issue of public safety.

For thorough cleaning, you need to consider:

1. Focusing on upholstery

It’s no secret that all upholstery, especially in public places, is a breeding ground for germs and mould. Upholstery can gather dust very quickly and can spread a variety of pathogens if not addressed. A steam machine such as Jetsteam Maxi Inox, operating at 8-bar pressure and steam vapour at +180 degrees Celsius, can clean and disinfect faster and more effectively than any other piece of equipment.

2. Dealing with the drapes and curtains

What’s true for upholstery, is also true for drapes and curtains; in public venues, they also gather dirt fast. Since washing them isn’t always an option, the Jetvac Junior Steam Vacuum Package or the Jetvac Inox Steam Vacuum Package are better alternatives, with stainless steel casing. They are the ideal units for both commercial and residential cleaning, due to the high temperature dry steam vapour sterilizing a variety of materials.

3. Floor cleaning

Floors are teeming with bacteria and cleaning them thoroughly is no easy task, since different floor types require different approaches. The advanced Duplex Floorscrubbers will solve that problem. No matter the model you choose, the results are guaranteed. These steam-based Duplex floor cleaners kill bacteria, eliminate mould and disinfect all types of floors in one pass.

When it comes to keeping your church or worship centre in pristine condition, you should consider adding commercial cleaning equipment and solutions to your cleaning kit. They will provide you with the cleaning power you need to ensure the safety of both churchgoers, patrons and centre personnel throughout the Christmas festive season.

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