Support Food Safety Week- by Using Steam Cleaning Machines to Sanitise Kitchens

As the Food Safety Week is around the corner starting on 11th July 2012 and ends on 17th July 2012, Duplex Cleaning Machines offers a wide variety of steam cleaning machines to clean, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise all types of commercial kitchens to improve health and hygiene to the people working in hospitality industry. Workers in the hospitality industry with weakened immune systems and older people are more likely at risk from Listeria infection caused by the food poisoning, which can be fatal for the vulnerable workers. Hospitality workers need to avoid Listeria infection by sanitising and disinfecting the kitchen equipment prior with steam to cooking or preparing food.

Cleaning the food preparation area and your hands with steam produced by Duplex steam cleaners for 20 seconds is also important as this will ensure the surfaces are absolutely clean and the utensils are fully sanitised before use. The chopping boards and knives would need to be washed with superheated dry steam with hot water / detergent injection to avoid cross contamination, particularly when preparing raw meat or poultry and then salad vegetables and other foods which won't be cooked.

Duplex Cleaning Machines steam cleaning products can clean any type of surface, whether it is safety flooring, tile grouts or even cement. The superheated dry steam produced by Duplex steam cleaning equipment can also be used to emulsify grease on canopies, disinfect surfaces, kill bacteria on contact, sanitise surfaces and unblock drains as well.

use superheated dry steam vapour cleaning equipment to remove food debris and contaminants from kitchen surfaces With Duplex's range of steam cleaners and floor cleaning machines , you can prevent infection or outbreak in the hospitality kitchens by cleaning the following key areas:

clean grime from restaurant floors, with dry steam vapourKITCHEN FLOORING: - Most kitchen floors in kitchen environments are either tile grout or a type of safety floor. Traditional mopping of these floors tends to spread and leave the dirt, which in over time becomes in ground forever leaving the flooring looking dirty and stubbornly sticky even after cleaning and de-greasing with the traditional methods. A Duplex floorscrubber or washer like Duplex 420 steam can easily collect the dirt into separate recovery tanks thanks to the feature of super heated dry steam at up to 180 degrees Celsius that is enough to decontaminate and destroy bacteria as well as the highest steam pressure available to vacuum the residues and leftovers away within seconds.

STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES - Many of stainless steel surfaces or equipment appears not shiny or in the original state after it has been cleaned with traditional methods due to the residue leftover on the surfaces as well as use of corrosive chemicals which destroy the stainless steel appearance. Duplex steam cleaner such as Jetvac Professional or Jetsteam Maxi can clean these stainless steel surfaces using high temperature dry steam without chemicals and results the stainless steel surface gleaming, glossy and sanitised.

remove oils and fats from kitchen overhead canopies, with dry steam vapour and detergent injectionCANOPIES - Avoid OH&S issues cleaning canopies with high risk caused by chemicals and ladders. Chances are high for the injury when you use ladders to clean ceilings and canopies. With Duplex's excellent accessory tool kit and steam vacuum machines which can be integrated together to allow the use of extension tubes that makes cleaning canopies from the ground level more easier and injury-free. Equipped with high temperature steam and pure steam vapour produced by Duplex's Tecnovap steam cleaning machinery , the surfaces in canopies are effectively cleaned as Duplex steam cleaners melts grease and fatty residues then suck the excess residue away with built in vacuum system.

SINKS, DRAINS AND BASINS - Duplex's compact steam cleaner such as Jetsteam Maxi, can emulsify mould, grease and fats off the bench tops and sink/drain surfaces with pure 130° C + steam, then simply wipe the residues off surface. This method will simply remove the need for chemicals to clean them.

remove fatty deposits from catering kitchen ovens, and industrial stove topsGREASE AND OILY FATS - Duplex Steam Machines can remove all the oil grease and fat commonly found in the walls, bench tops, wok, cutlery, cooking equipment, ovens and stove tops, with little effort and in a portion of the time. Halve your cleaning times in kitchens, reduce chemical use and save water with Duplex Cleaning Systems. For information on Duplex Cleaning Machines steam cleaning equipment or arrange an on-site demonstration, call 1800 622 770 or email to info[at]

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