Dental Equipment Efficient Hygiene Control: Tips and Tricks

Dental Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Dental equipment are of the highest quality and the most critical part in dental operations. They must be well-kept through a safe and efficient cleaning process to achieve its maximum return. The hygiene and cleanliness can protect your investment, as well as to fight against infections – protecting you and your patients from bacteria, germs, and viruses. Dental equipment can spread disease quickly as they often penetrate or in direct contact with patients’ soft tissues.


Cleaning and disinfecting them is solely about reducing contaminants and microbial charge as well as removing dirt.

You must be using either one of these methods: manual or mechanical cleaning.

1. Manual Cleaning:

Manual method is still surviving and applied within many dental clinics. This includes using hands and other cleaning appliances include detergent, brush for drills and cleaning lumens, soft-bristled brush, long cable, and running water to clean the equipment surface. The manual method should be replaced for it is a subject to human error, and very time-consuming.


2. Mechanical Cleaning:

Mechanical cleaning refers to automated procedures such as steam sterilization, dry heat sterilisation, or unsaturated chemical vapour sterilisers, etc. Although the parameters are still being questioned – from temperature, time, pressure, to detergent concentration, whether or not this method actually helps to improve cleaning efficacy and ensure safety.

The other method we have been advising our customers from the oral healthcare industry is called steam cleaning. Steam-powered machinery has the self-sterilization ability, free from all kinds of microbial life, not to mention disinfect and kills bacteria with its high steam pressure in less time.


dental clinic cleaning machinery


The other advantages of cleaning with steam vapour include:

  • Removal of dirt, spot, and fingerprint effectively
  • Steam cleaner is easy to use and can be processed and accessible from anywhere
  • You will get a professional and accurate result from steam cleaner than the other cleaning equipment
  • There is no need for trained and skilled labour to operate the machine
  • Steam cleaning is a chemical-free process which does not harm the environment
  • As a dental equipment cleaner, it produces effective results instantly
  • There is no need for extra material except the clean tap water

Put simply – steam cleaner is an all-rounder. You can use it in various applications without being bothered with gloves, dirty water, or mop and bucket. Last but not least, the only result you can expect is called ‘efficacy’.

To find suitable tools/machinery for your dental equipment cleaning, visit our dedicated page for dental clinic cleaning.


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