Disinfect Butchery Equipment with Steam Cleaning Machines

Imagine how a dirty butchery facility room can affect safety and hygiene standards? Metal rust and wood surfaces are porous, which is a haven for bacteria and it can absorb and display stains which are not pleasing to both customers and butchers. Fortunately Duplex Cleaning Machines offers ideal steam cleaning machines that are compact, chemical-free and high grade OH&S friendly proven to decontaminate bacteria and disinfect most types of surfaces with its 180 degrees Celsius superheated dry steam with only 5% water content.

Industrial grade stem vapour cleaning equipment for use in butcheries

  • Bench Tops and Fridges

The most powerful steam cleaner of its compact size in today’s market, the Jetsteam Maxi can assist in deodorisation and sanitisation of bench tops and fridges. It has 24 x 7 continuous steam at 180 degrees Celsius steam. With its automatic boiler refiller, deodorising multiple large surfaces or rooms is made easier with its manoeuvrable design.

  • Disinfecting

When butcher block surfaces are used for cutting meat, it’s crucial that they be disinfected after every use. With Duplex’s Jetvac Junior, you can disinfect all butcher equipment with a jet stream of steam vapour that is natural, chemical-free and safe, eliminating the use of dangerous and hazard-to-health chemicals. After each clean of butcher equipment, the surfaces can be then polished with Microfiber cloth or mitt, leaving the surface or equipment looking brand new and cleaner.

ways to use dry steam vapour industrial cleaning equipment to clean butcheries

  • Eliminate OH&S issues and slippery floor surfaces

Duplex’s world renowned floor scrubber that can be operated with a single hand using both forward and backward directions, allows you to complete a 4-in-1 job in cleaning floors that deep cleans and washes; extracts grime and dirty stains and vacuums and pick up dirty. This means there are no more slippery surfaces.

Watch demo video on how Duplex cleaning machines can be used effectively in efficiently in total cleaning solution in the butchery facility. see a video demonstrationn of the most effective ways to use steam vapour in cleaning butcher shops and meat processing areas Book a demo with Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770 or alternatively visit the Duplex website at www.duplexcleaning.com.au

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