Deep Clean Your Café or Restaurant

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A typical café, restaurant or commercial kitchen requires a complete hygiene solution for all surfaces. Key areas to pay attention to include bench tops, cooktops, splashbacks, canopies, mixers, processors, chopping boards, crockery, fridges, cool rooms, floors and walls.

Duplex Cleaning Machines supply an exclusive range of Duplex commercial steam cleaners designed for the hospitality industry that is suitable for everyday use in cafes, restaurants and hotel kitchens and will leave kitchen equipment and food preparation areas hygienically clean and sanitised in minutes.

Tecnovap’s commercial steam cleaners key benefits include:

  • Eliminates the need for chemical cleaners (no chemicals required)
  • Significantly reduces water usage
  • No physical scrubbing required
  • Produces 94 per cent dry steam (one of the most effective methods for cutting through grime, grease and bacteria)
  • Dry steam eliminates downtime for wet surface drying (reducing OH&S slips and damp bacteria growing environments)

Our commercial steam cleaners eliminate the need for chemical cleaners, the amount of waste produced and there is no physical scrubbing required. Dry steam is also ideal for cleaning front-of-house areas including floors, counters, windows, tables, chairs, and restrooms. Ideal products include:

sanitise and deep clean kitchens, remove oils, fat and cooking residue from oves, stove tops and benches, with Jetsteam Professional
Duplex 420 vacuum cleaner for floors and expansive surfaces
deep clean cafes and restaurants- sanitise kitchens, dining rooms and office areas, with the Jetvac Professional
the might Jetvac Compact suits cleaning restaurants, cafes and lunch bars
Jetvac Maxi pressurised steam vapour cleaner, for industrial kitchens and public food service venues
a portable, agile steam cleaning machine- the Jetvac Junior is ideal for cleaning complete restaurants, coffee shops, lunch bars and cafes

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