Duplex eco-friendly cleaning equipment

Duplex provides eco-friendly cleaning equipment:
Cleaning without the use of chemicals

Duplex provides eco-friendly cleaning equipment


The approach to green cleaning preserves our environment. Here is why it’s essential to use chemical-free green cleaning equipment. It is vital, not only for the environment, but also for the safety of cleaners, who cleans the waste to keep the world from further pollution and bacterial infestation.

Furthermore, steam cleaning technology is a green cleaning method that uses steam vapour, the most preferred disinfecting agent.

Why should we use green-friendly cleaning equipment?

  • Green cleaning products are non-acidic, will not harm skin, preventing inhalation of toxic and eliminating inflammation.

  • Reduction of chemical use will reduce the toxic waste residues in the air, water and environment in which this approach will enrich the health and wellbeing of people.

  • The chemical residual used in the conventional cleaning techniques can be very harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system.

  • Conventional chemical products contain strong smell that causes a headache to some people who are not able to tolerate strong odor.

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Duplex can provide you with the solution. Consider getting started with your own green cleaning product sales business, as these days commercial cleaners are now adopting the eco-friendly methods.

If you are sales professional with passion in cleaning, or simply a self-starter who wishes to start an enterprise on eco-friendly equipment business, read on further.


Do you have the following experience or skill?

  • Experience in cleaning business, machinery distribution, engineering or similar background.

  • Experienced with high volume of sales to deliver numerous quantity.

  • Have the ability to work independently, is proactive and is highly motivated.

  • Have the ability to generate and convert leads to high number of sales.

If you have the skills, then Duplex can provide you with this opportunity in distributing cleaning machinery for various industries.


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What are the benefits of taking up a Duplex dealership?

Duplex cares about its distributor network. Following are the reasons why you should be a proud dealer of Duplex. Duplex is a renowned brand in the cleaning business since 1982, which built a worldwide distribution network.

Duplex gives extensive training to the dealers. Besides, you will get access to the online courseware. You will get a highly profitable return and flexible working hours. The design of the equipment is patented and user-friendly.


Choose your preferred industry.

Duplex provide you with the opportunity reach out to the specific industry as follows:

Most people are well aware of green-friendly cleaning equipment which is trending in the market.

Subsequently, eco-friendly cleaning machinery businesses are rising rapidly. Therefore, it will be a sensible investment of time to distribute cleaning machinery that meets the needs of both customers and businesses, and that every green business will never go out of trend despite the season.

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