Duplex unveils its next generation cleaning equipment at its spring launch

Distributors of the Italian brand of commercial steam cleaning equipment, Duplex Cleaning Machines, has launched its latest steam cleaning machine and floorscrubber into the Asia-Pacific market.

The newly launched Jetsteam Maxi Inox and Duplex 280 Battery are the latest models of Duplex’s most popular machines.

Director of Duplex, Murray McDonald, says the upgraded models have the latest technology and design from Italy, and represent the next generation of steam cleaning and floorscrubbing technology.

“Nowadays, products and technology have a focus on improving user experience and this is no different to when it comes to cleaning equipment. Just like smartphones, computers and cars, it’s all about upgrading the product to ensure a better user experience,” Mr McDonald said.

“Some of the new Jetsteam Maxi Inox’s improved features include a robust, stainless steel build, improved digital control panel and waterproof LED hose control system.

“Being able to easily identify steam temperature via the new digital control panel and having a hose that illuminates the control system allows the user to simply “turn it on and go”. It’s all about automation and simplicity.

“We see these new machines as just the beginning of the many new upgrades to our range over the next 2 years”.

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