Easter Business Cleaning Tips (Plus Our Eggs-Clusive Trade-In!)

Nothing is more egg-citing than Easter weekend in the middle of the busy week. However, make sure that you will not be coming back to work with a dirty office. These are some cleaning tips before your Easter holiday:




Cleaning up daily before you leave

To ensure a well-balanced lifestyle, cleanliness and hygiene are the main priorities. Duplex user-friendly cleaning machines reduce pain, stress and anxiety associated with laborious usage of traditional cleaning equipment. Our floor cleaning machines and steam cleaners allow you to work efficiently, effectively and save thousands of dollars in water use.

Make A Cleaning Checklist - before and after the holiday

A checklist will always help you make things done in a more timely, efficient manner. So before you do anything - make a checklist, in two versions: before and after a holiday.

Follow A Green-Clean Policy

Ensure that you only use the biodegradable and eco-friendly product that cause less harm. If necessary, use very natural products like water, baking soda, egg, lemon, etc. We always encourage our customers to love our Earth planet!

Cleaning Desk Is Essential

Ensure every employee keep the desk clean. Encourage them to organise paper, files, or whatever items on the table that may carry more dust.

Toilet Sanitation

Watch the doorknobs, waps, washbasin, and other general toilet areas. Ensure that you are cleaning it right to avoid the breed of germs and bacteria while you are away.

Only Use Latest Equipment

Keep your cleaning gear updated with the latest equipment for the best result. Mop and bucket are outdated and proven as not effective in hygiene maintenance - why not replacing them with good cleaning technologies? Use tools that will ensure deep and professional clean while promoting a safe working environment.

Did you know?
To ensure your Easter cleaning is safe and smooth - we offer a special opportunity for you to trade-in your old Duplex Machine with the newest one today!

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