Easy Carpet Cleaning in Hotels

Carpet Stain Removal Deep Cleaning

Each year, several kilograms of soil can accumulate in and under a carpet.

But to ensure the carpet being cleaned all times, hotels have to spend extra expenditure on carpet cleaning every so often, not to mention the regular twice a year or thrice a year professional deep cleaning around the halls, rooms and corridors.


For smaller size accommodations, the fact that spending so much money on that might have taken more than 30% of the budget, which is not a good figure to have in their streams. Additionally, nothing can guarantee hired cleaners will do the job properly either.

But a successful hotel means a good number of happy customers, and a happy customer means a clean facility - isn’t it?

Having carpeted floor is challenging that sometimes you may feel like replacing them with hard floors, but unfortunately, carpet floors are more comfortable, warm, and reduce the noise by 99%.

Carpet Cleaning with Steam Vacuum Cleaner

What matters most now for you the housekeepers is that you should ensure that you are using the right equipment. Find the ones that are not only low in cost but will guarantee to accelerate your productivity by 110%.

Regular stain removal and carpet cleaning require lots of time, from cleaning to drying time. Not to mention stubborn stains and grease that you would encounter from time to time.

The Solution

With 30 years of experience, Duplex Cleaning Machines have been supplying steam and floor scrubber machines to assist hotels and accommodations for an efficient cleaning system.

We have witnessed all the daily cleaning requirements faced in hostels and understand the need for fast, effective, and versatile cleaning solutions.

Steam vapour and Duplex floor scrubber resolve the accommodation cleaning issues - with high-temperature steam produced at more than 180 degrees heat that is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria each usage.

Carpet Cleaning with Duplex Floor Cleaner

Fast drying time will help to keep your facilities, in any areas, open to foot traffic, and move forward with the day. No more flooring downtime.

Accommodation facilities also need to consider minimising the risk of injuries and slips within the staff and provide safety for everyone. Hence Duplex supplies carpet cleaning equipment that eliminates the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the old mop and bucket.

Not only hotels can fast track their carpet cleaning process, but the steam vapour is also helpful to assist in further detail cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Clean, deodorise, and sanitise with superheated dry steam will remove bacteria in a few seconds -- so you can say goodbye to wet carpet and wet furniture.

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