Effective Salon Cleaning Techniques for Optimal Results

Ideal Steam Cleaning Machines for Salon Industry

Maintaining high hygiene standards in the salon centres can be very difficult and time consuming task. The problem with traditional cleaning methods is that they are too slow and the chairs or massage mattress are often left too unclean completely and not sanitised fully which creates many issues that can lead to outbreak or infection spreading between the customers and the staff.

effective cleaning within Salon environment, using pressurised dry steam vapour

So, how can this hygiene issue can be eliminated?

Use a Better Solution from Duplex - Australia’s Number One Steam Cleaner Use a steam powered compact cleaner with hot water injection and high pressure. The Duplex’s powered steam is a combination of superheated dry steam and dual cylindrical brushes that simultaneously scrub, extract and thermally sanitise the surface without mess or chemicals. Duplex's Steam is produced at 180 degrees Celcius enough to kill bacteria instantly as well as removes stain immediately once applied. The benefits of using Duplex steam cleaner include:

  • It's very easy to use compared to conventional and highly complicated machines;
  • Duplex machines produces 24 hour 7 days of continuous steam at consistent temperature and flow which is ideal for cleaning in longer periods;
  • Compact and ergonomic design: the machine design allows easy storage, comfortable and non-slippery use, allowing the user to stand upright while cleaning without having to bend;
  • Equipped with excellent accessories and toolkits that allows the user to perform a variety of cleaning job in different areas;
  • Quick and effective in improving cleaning regimes as it provides no downtime and instead feature automatic boiler refilling in which you can refill the fuel whilst leaving the machine on;
  • Manouverable: due to its compact and clever design, Duplex steam allows to clean to the right edges from wall to wall, as well as can be flipped, or rotated for forward and backwards movement.

With just a versatile steam powered cleaner, you can clean the following areas:

  • Slippery Floors: effectively removes the slippery water with vacuum then dry the floors by taking in the dirty water and leave the floor to brand new;
  • Marble and Hard Floors: Duplex steam can clean and scrub many types of floors including marble and cement;
  • Carpets: easily remove the stains and spills even without destroying the fabric structure or material of the carpet;
  • Grout Lines and Tiles: Duplex's superheated dry steam dislodges grimes, and destruct spores with high temperature as up to 180 degrees Celcius;
  • Toilets, Vanities and Fittings: thermally sanitise, disinfect and deodorise toilets and the equipment with Jetsteam Maxi for a clean hygiene;
  • Floors and Walls: deep clean, wet scrub, vacuum and dry many types of floors as well as high-rising walls with Duplex's excellent accessories such as floor tool and extension tubes to allow high reach.
  • Spa and Baths: prevent bacteria and superbugs from infestation in stained surfaces which came in contact with the customers.
  • Upholstery and Furniture: sanitise and deodorise most upholstery surfaces without harmful chemicals to leave them dry within seconds after clean.

Ideal cleaning products for salons include:

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