Free Upholstery Tools- EOFY Special Offer!

Take the hard work out of car cleaning with the Jetvac Pro and receive bonus free two upholstery tools.

The Jetvac Professional is a quality steam vacuum cleaner designed for efficient, hygienic and cost-effective cleaning that saves water and eliminates the need for chemicals. It provides powerful, superheated dry steam vapour to dislodge bugs, dirt, bacteria and superbugs, as well as sanitise and disinfect most equipment.

The Jetvac Pro is also highly effective and easy to clean hard-to-reach spots in difficult areas.

Throw in two complete upholstery tools ( stainless steel and plastic brush upholstery tool) and you will have a perfect cleaning solution to detail clean, and sanitise car interiors.


professional dry steam vapour wet dry vacuum machine, with detergent injection- includes free upholstery toolsTOP 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY JETVAC PROFESSIONAL:


  • 24x7 Continuous Steam Cleaning : the large boiler and 7 litre water tank allows continuous use;
  • Extremely Safe: dry steam with little humidity with no OH&S risks;
  • Green Environment Friendly: no chemicals, no mess;
  • Versatile steam cleaning machine: equipped with excellent toolkit and accessories;
  • Variety of Cleaning Jobs: disinfection and steam cleaning for kitchens, bathrooms, upholstery, carpets, tiles, automotive, equipment detailing and many more. To redeem offer, simply purchase Jetvac Professional the steam cleaner during the month of June, and obtain the purchase receipt.

How to redeem:

Send to your Duplex Distributor or Duplex Head office with your proof of purchase by 30th June 2012.

Or alternatively request a quote online

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