Ensuring hygiene in a confectionery manufacturing environment with steam vapour

Chocolate Confectionery plant facility surfaces cleaning

Did you know that manufacturing confectionery often leaves residues and wax on conveyor belts or on processing machinery? These days, confectionery manufacturers are increasingly becoming aware and concerned with the quality of their products in the lead up to Christmas.

Given that Christmas month tends to be a busy period for confectionery shops and manufacturers, customers are regularly stocking their inventory with new confectionery as a means of Christmas giving.

To ensure that processing machinery in manufacturing plants are grease-free and kept in pristine condition to enable smooth operation on an ongoing basis, it is paramount to keep the machinery fully sanitised with steam vapour, which is chemical-free.

Duplex has been assisting and providing advice in the maintenance of industrial and processing equipment to the food manufacturing industry for 25 years, utilising quality Italian made steam vapour cleaning equipment.


There are certain application areas that can be cleaned with just one steam vacuum unit in a confectionery plant:

chocolate confectionery plant cleaning tools

Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Chocolates are often produced in batches on a conveyor belt in non-stop delivery. Chocolates, being sticky and greasy, promote the likelihood of smearing the belt surfaces. Fortunately, steam vapour is proven as an effective thermal sanitiser and deep cleaning agent which can destruct hidden greases and dusts, typically invisible to the naked eye on the belts.

An industrial steam cleaning machine like the Jetvac Inox or Bacchus Pro, can be integrated as portable cleaners affixed to an existing conveyor belt system, allowing continuous 24/7 deep cleaning without affecting production down time.

 portable conveyor belt cleaning system

Tank and Vat cleaning

By utilising safe to use steam vapour and without the need for chemicals, tanks and vats can be fully sterilised and sanitised to ensure liquid is manufactured without bacterial infestation. The thermal and heat properties within steam vapour has beneficial aspects in deep cleaning internal surfaces and ensuring equipment is heated properly to remove harmful germs which may impact the quality of production. Additionally a compact steam cleaner can be used in conjunction with an existing pressure washer to completely deep clean the tank and vats.

vats and tank cleaning with steam


Industrial Mixers

Industrial mixers are regular processors that are often used for mixing components that make up unique confectionery items. As leftover residues or hidden traces can get stuck in these mixers, they tend to dry fast and become tediously difficult to clean with conventional methods or by hand cleaning. This is a good reason to opt for steam vapour at high pressure and high temperature in tandem to effectively degrease and loosen sticky residue on surfaces, nooks and crevices. The steam at high temperature of 180 degrees Celsius is known to be an effective cleaning agent for most utensils and small processing items.

industrial mixer cleaning equipment


If you are interested in knowing more about our steam range across all facility types within the confectionery industry, call us on 1800 622 770 to make a complimentary no obligation demo at your site or simply submit online form on our website.

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