How Litter Impacts Your Business

What do cigarette butts and chewing gum wads have in common?

Together with cigarette butts, chewing gum is one of the most common types of ground litter. In 2005 the AC Nielson Top 100 Brand Report stated that Wrigley’s had gum sales of $75-$100 million in Australian retail alone. At $0.70 per pack with an average of seven pieces this could be calculated to approximately 1.8 billion pieces of gum sold every year. In some cultures, chewing gum litter is seen as one of the most offensive litters to pollute public areas and can carry heavy penalties.

It can cause an inconvenience to people who step in its sticky waste, spread bacteria, as well as represent a suburb, town or city as “grubby”. Traditionally, high pressure water systems have been used to vacuum chewing gum wads from areas such as walkways and cement floors. This process can cost councils millions of dollars every year, yet this cleaning process is a “hit and miss” method with most high pressure water cleaning systems wasting excessive amounts of water.

Effective use of super heated dry steam vapour industrial cleaning equipment to remove gum

Used at a high temperature and pressure, steam disintegrates chewing gum wads, as well as permanent spots on our pathways. Some machines are known to remove as many as 400 chewing gum wads per hour. Contact Duplex Cleaning Machines today and let us advise you on the best cleaning process for your business. Call 1800 622 770, email info(at) or visit us on

before and after results of using an industrial grade wet dry steam vacuum cleaner, to remove chewing gum

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