5 Reasons to Become a Duplex Distributor

Starting the year fresh in 2018 has been the top priority for some of us, most of us want to earn a six-figure per annum, and realistically that is possible with Duplex Business opportunity to choose your dream, have that balanced lifestyle and work at flexible hours. “Work hard and play hard” should be a motto for you to get started in a new enterprise, said Murray McDonald, Director of Duplex Cleaning Machines.


Five reasons on why you should be a Duplex Distributor are simple and straightforward with a business model that had proven itself over many years for many individuals across the regions in Australia. Explore this incentive possibility with us and join the Duplex family.

No 1 – Endless possibilities with low investment

Go to market, the feasibility of our business system allows you to work across diverse industries such as healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage, education, automotive, wine and many untapped markets with a little start-up cost as low as 20K.


No 2 – A reputable brand

With more than 25 years of experience, Duplex Cleaning Machines is a trendsetter in providing quality Italian commercial and industrial ‘state-of-the-art’ cleaning machinery to key industries across the Asia-Pacific. Duplex is extending its network of distributors, and this is the perfect timing for you to talk to us about this great opportunity. Duplex has an extensive product range selling over 60 models of machines.


No 3 – An evergreen business

The need for disinfection and sterilisation for a diverse industry have created evergreen business opportunities despite the season. Thanks to the innovative products that are unique, ergonomic, suited for marketplace due to its "first of its kind models", this product range requires no use of chemicals, and is water-saving. We promote eco-friendly green cleaning that uses high-temperature steam generators and floor scrubbers in all sorts of environment that we live in. Duplex cares for the cleaners.


No 4 – Growing Industry

The insightful source from the Department of Health and Ageing internal data, dated in 2009 has shown steady growth in operational residential aged care places across Australia. The tabulated statistics provided a growing industry sector; particularly the aged care is one of the fastest growing sectors as the nation is ageing. Furthermore, the healthcare industry has received the most funds from the Government than any other industry.

The awareness of Australian guidelines and accreditation for infection control has now changed significantly. The push to utilise a more technological infection control processes and chemical-free machinery to eliminate germs and bacteria in public health facilities, public schools, public pools, large public spaces and private commercial sectors is taking nationwide attention rapidly and taking a public support.


No 5 – Extensive Marketing & Operational Support

Duplex provides extensive support, guidance and digital courseware to get you started immediately to move your business. Being a Duplex Distributor, you will enjoy the benefits of our digital marketing campaigns through the years that engage with the audience. Our Duplex strategic effort covers from leads generation, servicing and product technical sales support.

The implementation of continuous digital marketing strategy produced a broad range of product demonstrations that will stimulate interest and sales conversion. As our potential dealer, you can log in to our online system from any remote location to assist you with your profitable sale.



The next steps you will take are effortless. Talk to our Duplex consultant today to unfold this business opportunity.

Talk to us today at 1800 622 770 or fill up on the form below to enquire about Duplex Dealership.

The possibility is endless.

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