Four techniques for Better Carpet Cleaning with a Floor Scrubber

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

With busy lifestyles these days, no one has the time to apply labour intensive efforts to clean their carpets. Thanks to technological advancements, the hard work in cleaning carpets in the business and home property sectors has been eliminated by high-tech cleaning machines, such as floor scrubbers. They will save you time and labour, as well as providing optimum cleaning results.

To ensure the efficient operation of the machine, you should be aware of the techniques in using it properly. First of all, you need to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment before starting to clean. Furthermore, it is essential to do the colourfast test and dry the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

Here are 4 techniques for better carpet cleaning with a floor scrubber.

1. Low Moisture Encapsulations Technique

Low moisture encapsulation is also known as crystallization. Following is the process of cleaning the carpet by correctly using this technique.

  • Vacuum the carpet with Fastvac
  • Spray water to moisten the carpet
  • Set your floor scrubber to the appropriate carpet setting
  • Scrub, clean and extract
  • Let dry and observe for pristine results

carpet low moisture encapsulation cleaning

carpet low moisture encapsulation cleaning

2. Spin Bonnet

The spin bonnet technique is one of the oldest versions of Very Low Moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning. The process is as follows:

  • Spray cleaning solution to dampen soiled area of the carpet
  • Place spin bonnet pad with scrub strips for added cleaning action on the machine and apply the solution
  • Agitate the dampened area overlapping with each pass
  • Accelerate the drying time using a blower
  • When the floor is dry, vacuum to remove the soiled powder
  • Polish with Duplex floor scrubber


3. Spills Management Process

A simple spills management process is as follows:

  • Remove any solids from the carpet with a cloth or paper towel
  • Pour enough water onto the affected area of the carpet
  • Soak up the excess water with an absorbent cloth
  • Clean with the floor scrubber to extract the remaining spillage and reduce odours and stains trapped within the floor surface.

spills management

carpet spills management cleaning


4. Dry Extraction

A dry extraction process follows these steps:

  • Spreads a dry compound on the carpet
  • Scrub area using a Duplex floor scrubber
  • Remove the dry mixture by vacuuming with a vacuum machine

Even the output of the best quality cleaning machine can be disappointing if you are not using it correctly. So make sure that you or your staff are well versed in proper cleaning techniques. Contact us to enquire for further information or request an on-site demonstration with our Duplex carpet cleaner.

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