Remove Brettanomyces from Wine Barrels

Oak barrels are one of the greatest investments and ongoing expenses in a winery

We are now approaching the peak time of year for wine barrel cleaning in a summer season, and Duplex Cleaning wanted to provide you with some information about wine barrel cleaning’s latest cleaning technology, “steam vapour”.

Our 94% dry steam systems can:
  • Clean with up to 95% less water
  • “Deep clean” with no chemicals required
  • Thermally sanitised to eliminate bretanomyces in the oak
  • Rehydrate and revitalise barrels to restore oak flavours
  • Increases wine barrel life investment by up to 25%

What can our steamers clean?

With a selection of specially developed tools for winery equipments, our steam industrial cleaners can be used to efficiently clean:

  • Wine Barrels

Wine barrels can be cleaned, detartrated and thermally disinfected with +100°C steam in approximately 5 minutes with as little as 3 litres of water. No need for excessive amounts of water, expensive chemicals or the use of a gas flame. For more information, visit

  • Equipments and Bottling Line Sanitisation

Production equipment can be cleaned and thermally sanitised with +100°C dry steam in high temperature and high pressure to completely dislodge and destruct stubborn bacteria and dusts. For more information about bottling line cleaning with Duplex's industrial steam cleaners, visit

Ideal Wine Barrel Cleaning and Washing Systems

For more information on wine barrel cleaning solutions, visit or email to info(at)winebarrelcleaning(at)com(at)au

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