Green Solutions for your Spring Cleaning Needs

The spring season is only within three weeks to go. It is important that the terminal and deep cleaning tasks should be carried out around homes during the spring season, as the spring season is renowned for the disease and bacteria outbreaks that can cause illness among the homeowners and guests.

Superheated dry steam produced by Duplex cleaning equipment, is widely recognised as a method of disinfection, and also is one of the greenest ways of cleaning. The reason why the dry steam is being called as the green cleaner is that they does not require the use of hazardous chemicals. Instead of harmful chemical agents, the Duplex steam vapour cleaners only utilise small amounts of tap water. These versatile machines operate by heating water to boiling temperature to blow hot, low-moisture steam through a hose. What is even more beneficial with the use of steam is that the steam can be used on a variety of surfaces, from garments and upholstered furniture to carpets, tile, wood and vinyl floors.

In the garment cleaning sector, steam vapour cleaning using Duplex Cleaning Machines represents an excellent alternative to cleaning using chemicals such as liquid perchloroethylene which is known as the cause of cancer, according to the U.S. EPA. Most traditional dry cleaners use chemicals that are moderately toxic to people, which is why most people opt for steam cleaning solution. Unlike, organic steam cleaning options that some solvents that the EPA considers to cause irritation, Duplex's steam cleaners uses unique "wet-cleaning" that is based purely on water and heated steam, as an "environmentally efficient and safe cleaning technology" that does not use a variety of chemicals described as above, and does not cause environmental waste. Best of all, the steam can be recycled in simpler ways too.

Steam cleaners do require electricity to function, so they are not a perfectly green cleaning method, but they do eliminate the need for chemical substances, which represent a health and environmental hazard. Another advantage is that they don't create waste, being long-lasting machines. Also, for spot cleaning jobs, Duplex's steam cleaners require the use of microfiber cloths and mitts that can be washed along with regular laundry and reused, eliminating the need for disposable pads that end up in the landfills.

Start using Duplex products to clean your facilities this Spring for safe, and hygienic cleaning results. Call 1800 622 770 for demonstration

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