Heavy Duty Cleaning Equipment for Schools

Schools are one of the top faciltiies that require frequent high level cleaning of all areas due to the high levels of dirt, grime, dust, germs and bacteria that could have impact towards the health of school pupils.

Furthermore, the schools that build up a lot of chewing gum litter require the difficult removal of permanent, sticky gum marks off cement and sporting floors. The traditional and conventional methods of scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping with excessive of water and chemicals are not efficient and harmful to students who are susceptible to health hazards.

To achieve a consistent and high standard of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising all surfaces in schools, a high-end cleaning solution has been developed to rectify and fix these cleaning problems as well as to ease the school cleaning dilemmas.

Duplex has an exclusive range of versatile cleaning machines consisting of floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, steam vacuum and high filtration vacuum machines which are carefully selected to complete all school cleaning tasks easier and faster.

  • Duplex’s floor cleaner is a versatile floor cleaner with a dual cylindrical brush design for increased effectiveness in absorbing most of stubborn dirt and grimes whilst deep clean and dry the flooring surfaces in any sized areas.
  • Duplex’s steam cleaner features anti-bacterial steam boiler technology that kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria as well as the hot water detergent injection that makes cleaning results more hygienic and top class. Steam does not require health-threatening chemicals.
  • Graffiti and gum removal from school walls and public areas is made easier and quickier with Duplex’s Jetvac Professional or Steambox. These steam vacuum machines are specialised with high steam temperature extraction to remove hardened wads of chewing gum from carpets, desks, tables, and concrete instantly, all being done in just few minutes. The Jetvac Professional can help remove 200 gum wads per hour with its simultaneous extraction, injection and vacuuming features.

Need an effective school carpet cleaner and dust removal process? A high filtration dry cleaner helps penetrate much deeper, heavy dust commonly found in the schools’ playground, multipurpose halls, and canteen area by removing invisible dust and leaving the air cleaner and fresher safe for school pupils. A commercial upright vacuum cleaner is also offered to produce carpet vacuum cleaning results that improve OH&S and reduce cleaning times. Typical applications in school cleaning include:

  • Long corridors
  • Hallways
  • Classroom carpets, and furniture
  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Chemical and nursery laboratory disinfection
  • School medical clinic sanitisation

These ideal cleaning machines for schools are ergonomic, efficient and ecological that slash cleaning costs that normally involve dangerous chemicals, professional cleaners and unnecessary high amounts of water.

Enquire now on a range of steam cleaning machines for school cleaning solutions by calling 1800 622 770 or submit your request for quote or demonstration online in the enquiry form in the Duplex Cleaning Machines website.

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