How to clean commercial kitchen floors without chemicals

kitchen tiles cleaning with vacuum

Forget using chemicals. When we are talking about using them in the kitchen, we have a whole new problem on our hands. Going chemical-free means one thing: it is time to start considering professional floor cleaning machines.

But what do these bring new to the table and why have they become so popular among contract cleaners and regular individuals alike? The answer is pretty simple: they work faster, they provide better results, are overall more reliable and, most importantly, are chemical-free.



Avoiding chemical use and sanitising your kitchen to perfection at the same time may be a daunting task for the unknowing. With all this in mind, here is how you should do it:


1. The vacuum is your best friend

Some people make the mistake of ending the cleaning with the vacuum, when, in fact, that is how you start it, really. Furthermore, there is no use for a regular vacuum, you usually use in your bedroom, living room or anywhere else in the house. You need for the right tool, specifically designed for the kitchen floor. Take the JetVac Inox, for instance, which is a powerful stainless-steel steam vacuum cleaner, able to remove all the initial dirt and moisturise the greasy floor, preparing it for the next step.

kitchen cleaning with steam vac equipment

2. Steam bath

Many people don’t realize that steam vapour is extremely effective in cleaning greasy, fat covered surfaces and can work great without any added chemicals to further complicate things. If there is anything that steam vapour is good for, then its definitely cleaning your kitchen floor to absolute perfection. The super-steam vapour unleashes immediately, dissolves any trace of grease or mold, while disinfecting the area with extreme efficiency. What is more important is that this professional tool can be used with the same success in bathrooms, on windows, in bedrooms, ovens, upholstery and so on.

kitchen floor vacuuming equipment

Two steps are all you need

Let’s face it. Using chemicals in your kitchen, is a risky business. Steam vapour based floor cleaning machines are highly sought after among both professionals and amateurs for obvious reasons.

It is not hard to excel at something as long as you know what you are doing. Go for the right tools and you will get the right results!

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