How to clean upholstery without chemicals

How to clean upholstery without chemicals

In regards to cleaning upholstery, the use of chemicals can do you more harm than good. Different substances can pose a serious risk to your upholstery, especially if we are talking about sensitive materials.

Commercial cleaning equipment should always be your “go to” solution for any type of clean, and in particular a chemical-free product.

You need to opt for material-friendly methods for cleaning your upholstery, without damaging it in the process. Avoiding chemicals and getting results doesn’t need to be tricky and it can be done if you know what you are doing.



Here are some tips that will allow you to deep clean and deodorise your upholstery without chemicals:

Tip 1: Use a professional vacuum to take care of large chunks

Mattresses, leather upholstery, suede or any other fabrics you might have can all be thoroughly cleaned using the Jetvac Junior. The superheating feature, with temperatures produced at +160 degrees Celsius, depending on your needs, will help with disintegrating any stubborn dirt.

Jetvac Junior machine for upholstery detail cleaning


Tip 2: Deep clean with steam

The next step will allow you to get deep within the fabric and deodorise, as well as take care of the little details. A steam vapour machine will help to further remove any smells or ingrained stains. It is a great tool to use for expensive leather, suede or any other pretentious fabric that needs special attention

super heated dry steam vapour for cleaning upholstered chairs


Tip 3: Homemade solutions

If you absolutely need a cleaning solution, instead of buying one, why not make one on your own that isn’t filled with harsh chemicals? For an effective homemade cleaner, you can use:

  • Quarter of a cup of white vinegar
  • A cup of warm water
  • Half a spoon of liquid soap

homemade solution for cleaning upholstery

After mixing them all together, you can spray the solution onto surfaces and scrub them using a circular motion.

For a homemade refresher, on the other hand, you can use:

  • Quarter of baking soda
  • Several drops of lavender oil, or any other type of your liking
  • Cold water

However, if in doubt, always go professional.

Using commercial cleaning equipment should always be your number one choice. If you are not entirely sure you can get the job done with what you have in hand or you think it might damage a surface, do your research and use the right professional tools and you can’t go wrong.

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