How to deep clean carpets with steam vapour

floor cleaning machine for carpets

If you are anxious about dirt and debris getting stuck deep within your carpet then steam vapour cleaning will be the best option for you. You need carpet cleaning equipment that can quickly clean, dry and sanitise your carpet surface. In addition, finding one that requires only water and no chemicals is even better.




Let’s take a look at how to deep clean carpets using steam vapour.

  • Dust your baseboards, ceiling fans and corners to allow for a full clean. That way, you won’t have old dust settling on your carpets straight after you have cleaned them.
    sweep dust away from ceiling fan lighting
  • It is important to clear the room out and vacuum before steam cleaning to pick up loose particles.
    vacuuming the room to clear any debris

  • Remove all the toys and furniture from the carpet where possible. Take at least smaller pieces like floor lamps, light sofas, ottomans etc. Be sure the carpet is dry before returning the furniture to the clean section.
    steaming carpets free of objects
  • If you have a large spill or stain, you can “flood and scrub” the area using a floor scrubber machine. However, ensure that the floor scrubber supplier has recommended this can be done with their machine.
    flood and scrub carpets with water steaming floors

  • If you just want to provide a general clean, simply fill your commercial carpet cleaning equipment with water. Whether you are using a steam machine or a floor scrubber, Duplex products only require normal tap water.
    refilling water in steam vacuum equipment tank
  • No detergent is required with Duplex products. The scrubbing action of the floor scrubber or steam vapour of the steam machine is all that is required to deep clean carpets.
    steam vapour scrubbing and steaming flooring surface
  • No smell means a clean smell. When you mask smells with different deodourises and perfumes, this doesn’t get to the root of the smell. This is the most important element to an efficient carpet clean.
    carpet surface steaming produces no smell
  • Start from the distant corner of the carpet from the door. Never walk back on a surface that has already been cleaned.
  • Follow the instructions to know whether you need to pull or push the machine to suck up the dirty water.
  • Steam the carpet in long laps across the room and move the machine and steady pace to ensure it is being used at its optimum performance.
  • Allow the carpet around 10 minutes to dry. However, depending on the type of “steam” you use, this can vary.

These tips were based on general information, as well as some general information regarding Duplex products. Overall, if you’re looking for a multi-floor purpose machine, no chemicals and minimal water use, then take a look at our commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

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