How to dry steam clean upholstery and fabrics

How to dry steam clean upholstery fabrics

Why is steam cleaning overall better for your upholstery?

You have a lot of cleaning options for your everyday upholstery, but only one for the more delicate fabrics – dry steam based commercial cleaning equipment.

Dry steam cleaning has a large application use, which, when done right, can sanitise, remove stains, animal hair, pathogens and unwanted odours altogether. But in order for you to pull that off, you need to know how to approach the process.



Here are a few hints:

1. Always start with vacuuming

Vacuuming will get rid of the surface dirt making the following cleaning process that much easier. You can vacuum your entire upholstery as long as you adapt the intensity of the suction to the piece in need of cleaning.


2. Don’t use pre-treat detergents

Many people think they need to pre-treat a stain, however, not when you are using dry steam vapour. The steam does all the work in lifting stubborn stains. However, there are some stains that are more difficult to get out and you may need to seek professional advice from your commercial cleaning equipment supplier on this. Stains such as wine or an unusual colour such as green, can be of the more stubborn variety.


3. Time for the steam cleaner

You have a lot of professional steam cleaners to choose from and knowing which fits your needs is what will showcase results. Not all steamers are built the same. Look for specifications such as temperature, moisture content and weight. Just ask your supplier about what is best for your exact dry steam cleaning needs.


4. Drying should take minutes not hours

If your upholstery surface is taking hours to dry, then most likely it isn’t the right steam cleaner for the job. A dry steam clean should allow the material to be dry to the touch after only minutes. You should be able to visibly and physically notice that the material is becoming drier in a short amount of time.

Commercial cleaning equipment can make the difference

We are talking about one-time buys that could easily change your life for the best. Resorting to these types of tools can actually be the difference between a good cleaning day and a frustrating one.

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