How to Efficiently Clean and Disinfect Yoga Studio

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It’s commonly accepted that lack of proper hygiene, insalubrity and unclean places are the perfect spawning ground for germs, viruses and other bacteria. As such, pubs, bars and similar venues where people come together and socialize, can be risky places if they are unclean.

If we want to contain the new Coronavirus and stop it from spreading for instance, we should redouble our efforts in educating people on how to prevent infection.

What are the best cleaning and disinfecting methods? Let’s take a look at some of the options - from the most common method to the most innovative one.

1. One of the traditional equipment cleaning methods is cleaning with a brush and multi-purpose sprayer. You may also use soap water to remove the dirt and sweat. But sometimes, these methods may not serve the purpose of cleaning hard stains and killing germs.

2. Using mop is the second most common traditional cleaning method in cleaning high traffic areas - unfortunately mop may still leave dirts and bacteria and clearly not serving the purpose of what we call ‘disinfection’

3. Steam disinfection can be very effective in deep cleaning the yoga floor and disinfect the yoga equipment like mats, straps, pillows, balls, etc. This chemical-free, super steam technology produces steam with the heat of more than 180 degrees that is sure to get rid of the build up of body fluids, kill bacterias and germs in equipment, rooms or floors.

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4. Another modern cleaning method for the yoga studio is UV disinfection with the MUVi quad light, which can destroy any kind of pathogens in just a few seconds. This chemical-free, cost-effective, and humanless rapid disinfection technology will help you to protect your business against COVID-19 and give higher confidence to patrons to re-visit the premises.

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Ensure your cleaning and disinfection method is able to provide you the next-level cleaning satisfaction that you, your patrons, your staff, and your business need.

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