How to get a cleaner start to the new term next year

Clean School Classroom and Facilities

We are getting towards the end of the year and would like to give you a head start in planning the end-of-year school cleaning over the summer break.

As Christmas festive season is nearing upon us and the long summer break looms ahead for schools across Australia, it is imperative to effect a thorough cleaning regime throughout your school facility to ensure that there are no bacterial or germ infestations due to humid and warm conditions.

At Duplex Cleaning Machines, we have been specialising in commercial cleaning machines for almost 30 years. In this time we have provided cleaning solutions to countless schools Australia wide.

Many schools experience issues related to hygiene, due to high traffic areas across various school facilities.

To address these issues, we've developed an exclusive, all-in-one cleaning range that comprises of floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, steam vacuums and high-filtration vacuums.

Issues that include:

Corridor cleaning

The Duplex floor scrubber is a perfect ideal solution for continuous cleaning in laps on corridors. With a Duplex floor scrubber, such as the Duplex 420, you can flip and spin the machine to clean in looped laps.

cleaning school corridors with ease

End of Term Classroom Cleaning

The classroom is usually a source of chewing gum on/under tables and furniture, as well as shoe scuffing on hard floors. A portable steam vacuum unit is generally recommended and used to provide quality steam & extraction to remove those stains from highly prone areas.

removal of gums and residues in the classroom


Toilet Block Cleaning

The toilet block always tends to be smelly and is a favourite place for bacterial infestation or insects carrying harmful germs. A powerful steam vapour unit at high temperature is required to thermally sanitise and deep clean those areas, especially urinals and toilets, to disinfect completely and ensure that these high touch areas are free of germs and deodorised.

get rid of smell and stains in the school toilet facilities

Chewing gum removal

Pupils in their teenage years are the usual culprits when it comes to littering with chewing gum or residues. When there are lots of gum stuck in hidden areas, such as under tables, walls, or even storage racks, this can present a highly challenging cleaning task for the cleaning team. Therefore, you'll need a powerful high blasting steam vacuum unit with continuous steam vapour and large vacuum drum to blast away and extract these sticky gums. In fact, with a Duplex Chewing Gum Remover system, you could theoretically remove up to 500 pieces of gum in just 1 hour.

get rid of waxy residues, gums and sticky stains from the exterior and interior surfaces

Sports facility maintenance

The school's sporting facilities are always at risk of being subjected to an enormous amount of bacteria and germs on court or track, mainly due to the exposure of body fat and fluid excess as a result of school sports programs or activities. Ideally, flooring surfaces should be kept adherable and without danger of slipping, in which case we would suggest a Duplex 620 to provide an instant solution to clean large areas of flooring, such as multi-purpose halls, as the unit is highly efficient in covering large areas in continuous laps.

maintain sports multipurpose floors and surfaces to prevent spillage and hazards

We have carefully selected our products not only for their cleaning capability but also for their efficiency, ergonomics and ecological benefits.

For more information or a free demonstration on-site, please give Duplex a call today on 1800 622 770 or visit our dedicated information page on school cleaning.

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