How to prevent cross contamination in cafes

cafe cleaning

A café is a public place and deals with food. These two factors mean that hygiene is of the upmost importance. With cross contamination being a major risk in such an environment, the ability to prevent cross contamination is crucial. Cross contamination can occur via food borne contamination or cross surface contamination.

Below are some guidelines to help prevent cross contamination in cafes.

  • All employees, including those who don’t handle food directly, have to maintain industry standard levels of hygiene. Items include wearing appropriate head wear and hand gloves, especially when handling food and preparing meals. Staff must wash their hands thoroughly before and after handling food. See industry standards in your local area for hand washing and other food handling guidelines.
  • Kitchen area must be cleaned during and at the end of service. Sophisticated equipment like a kitchen degreasing steamer should be used. Such machines are useful to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Food storage area must be separated from the public zone. Different types of food items should be stored according to guidelines. For example, don’t place raw meats above cooked items.
  • Public zones must be contamination and dirt free at all times. A well-established cleaning procedure is essential. This includes regularly cleaning “high touch” surfaces such as tables.
  • Remember to regularly and adequately clean bathrooms. The use of a steam based cleaning procedure is a preferable choice as it instantly kills bacteria, removes odours and can be done without touching contaminated surfaces.
  • Don’t forget tile and grout cleaning. When left untreated, these hard to reach areas can easily be a source of cross-contamination in restaurants or cafés. To prevent this, management should use steam cleaning as their chosen method for a tile and grout cleaner.
  • Furniture & fixtures should also be cleaned regularly. Dirty furniture can also spread bacteria and is not a visually good look for cafes.
  • Table cloths, napkins and other disposable items must be disposed of if it isn’t designed to be reusable. Investing in microfibre cloths can allow you to machine wash clothes and reuse them.  

For more information on preventing cross contamination in cafes, take a look at Duplex Cleaning’s dedicated café cleaning equipment page.



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