How to start and grow a cleaning business

start your own cleaning business with ease from home

Starting a cleaning business isn’t as difficult as you may think. Although it will cost you time, effort and money, if done correctly, it can be all accomplished quickly and very cost effectively.

Before you get started you should keep in mind some factors influencing your potential cleaning business.

  • You know what equipment you will require.
  • You understand what markets will be best suited to you and are in demand for cleaners.
  • You have a good physical condition.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • You have a small business plan or checklist.

You don’t need to be perfect in everything. In fact, many people who start a cleaning business don’t get all these things right from the outset. It is the matter of time and experience. Here are some guidelines to making your dream come true.

1. Learn the Business:

You should gain enough knowledge about the latest equipment and advanced methods of cleaning to start a cleaning business. Online articles, tutorials, magazines can be very effective in this regard. At Duplex, we offer free-to-attend cleaning business seminars to allow individuals to get fundamental knowledge of starting and running a cleaning business.

2. Select the Appropriate Market:

There are several types of cleaning business. For example, there are domestic, commercial and specialised cleaning businesses. Initially you should select one of them and focus on that in order to become an “expert” and not get overwhelmed. Cleaning applications, investment and customers can be different in every market. Some popular commercial cleaning markets include accommodation, education and healthcare cleaning.

3. Market Research and Budget:

Once you have narrowed down which markets you wish to approach and work in, research this market. Research can include calling up potential customers and asking them about their cleaning requirements. Once you have a good idea of applications required, you will then be able to narrow down which cleaning business package would suit you. A cleaning business package should provide you with the equipment required to meet your target market needs.

4. Efficient Employee Management:

Once you are at the point of employing others, remember to train them well to satisfy your customers. Encouragement, remuneration and good treatment will deliver you the maximum output. Also, a crucial element to retaining good employees is providing them with the best equipment for the job that reduces manual labour, OH&S issues and makes the job quick yet efficient.

5. Customer Service:

A good referral can be the best type of advertisement. Building relationship with the customer is essential along with quality cleaning to stand out from the crowd.

6. Marketing Plan:

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as getting online, bringing up a map of your location, selecting a business type such as schools and get calling. Think about investing in a flyer mail drop. There are many printing businesses that provide this service for a very cost effective price.

7. Develop your Skills:

You should develop your computer, accounting and management skills for a smooth operation of your business. Different systems will help you save time and costs. To start off with, using a simple online search, research free business or accounting systems.

Finally, always remember to provide a quality service, gain trust and always follow up with your customers.

And Never Give Up.

To find out more about Duplex’s start a cleaning business packages go to our website or call us on 1800 622 770.

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