How to turn your passion for cleaning into a business

How turn your passion for cleaning into a profitable lifetime business

Turn your passion in cleanliness into profitable cleaning business opportunity


Imagine a business that makes the world a cleaner place. Starting your own business is always tricky and reaching success is a treacherous but rewarding path. If you are to run your own business in the cleaning industry, you need the following things:

  • The capital depending on your requirements

  • Business strategies to promote your services

  • Advanced, multi-tasking equipment to live up to expectations

  • Commitment and professionalism

  • The mindset of a winner

All these criteria play a significant role in defining your success as a future business owner and director especially, in the cleaning business.

What will Duplex offer you?

It is very crucial to have the proper equipment to start a business. And cleaning business is not the exception. This is where Duplex comes in, offering the broadest range of cleaning equipment.

  • It is a high-grade quality build.

  • It is multi-functional machine, thanks to the all-in-one technology.

  • It delivers time-saving efficiency.

  • It increases the profit by using one machine for all kinds of cleaning applications, by cutting down your investment costs.

  • Saves water by 99%.

  • It is totally chemical-free, perfect for a green cleaning process

With this type of equipment in hand, a business start-up opportunity in this area no longer seems like a hard-to-reach dream.

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Is it suitable cleaning business for you and why?

As long as you have a passion for it and you opt for the Duplex professional equipment, the success is guaranteed. All you need is a little bit of the know-how and awareness in business operation. And not only that the Duplex machinery will make everything more comfortable and efficient for you in completing cleaning jobs, but they also will help you build a strong reputation along the way.

Though you have the right amount of money, it is difficult to start a cleaning business without proper tools for the job. Our role here is to fill in the gap and provide your required equipment with efficiency and a strong brand reputation.


Adopt ‘green clean’ service with Duplex equipment

The notion of “green cleaning” refers to environmental-friendly tools and practices. In order to qualify to have “green cleaning certified”, your cleaning equipment needs to:

  • be chemical-free

  • use steam vapour and dry-steam

  • sterilise the environment without chemicals

  • improve the hygiene

  • eliminate viruses and microbes in the air or touch points

Fortunately for you, most machines in Duplex range passed these criteria to be “Smart Watermark” certified to have green cleaning advantages.

So, if you are looking to start your cleaning business, which means you should be looking for efficiency, innovation, and professionalism in the machinery and process - everything that Duplex stands for.

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