How you can start a cleaning business with minimal investment

starting up cleaning business opportunity

There are many areas to go into when looking at start a cleaning business. There is residential to office cleaning to industrial cleaning. Comparatively, it is easier to start residential cleaning as there are less complex applications that may need doing, such as ones that are required when cleaning a hospital or factory. Home based cleaning businesses require less equipment to operate and staff. It is possible to start a residential cleaning business without large investment.

Find the service you will offer:

First of all, find the services you will offer. When starting a cleaning business, the types of services you offer will greatly impact how much money you will require to get it off the ground. For example, concentrating on core services such as kitchen or bathroom cleaning, and then ensuring you stick to that can give you a good foundation.

  • 1. Basic Technical Know How:

    Once you have narrowed down the types of services you will be offering, become familiar with best practices processes and equipment to get the job done.
  • 2. Managing the Finances:

    • You may use credit cards as an initial investment to start a cleaning business. Just make sure you have customers lined up and target market.
    • You can borrow from friends, family or relatives.
    • Purchase cleaning equipment on a finance plan.
    • You can also apply for a loan from the bank.
  • 3. Pick a name:

    Picking a good name is not easy always. It should sound professional and catchy. Be sure that:
    • the name is search engine friendly
    • domain of that name is available
    • already not registered as a business
    • the logo is modern and sleek
  • 5. Fix your price and start the operation:

    Fix a competitive price to fetch new customers. But calculate your costs first to avoid undercharging. If you are using high quality equipment, such as a steam vapour cleaning machine for carpet cleaning, you can charge higher than an average vacuum or wet steam clean.

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