Public Swimming Pool Cleaning Made Easy- with Dry Steam Vapour Equipment

Are you responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of your swimming centre?

In recent years, Australian swim centres have been laying safety floors in poolside areas to help reduce slips and in turn, insurance costs; however, this has led to a problem for swimming pool cleaners as these surfaces are difficult to keep clean. Swimming centres can fast become populated with bacteria, disease, body fats and hairs that get trapped within drains and tiles.

professional, heavy duty cleaning equipment for use in public swim centres

use our industrial, professional grade steam vacuum cleaners, to remove rubbish from and sanitise- public swimming centres The only way to effectively get rid of these elements is to invest in an industrial cleaner, specific to swimming pool cleaning. Duplex Cleaning Machines offer several industrial cleaners such as Salla 500 , the versatile, 4 in 1 floor sweeper ideal for cleaning poolside floor areas, and Jetvac Major , the powerful steamer with hot water injection that can swiftly and effectively deep clean, disinfect and deodorise your swimming pool after each use.


Salla Floor Scrubber- a powerful cleaning machine for floor, which agitates dirt using brushes, lifts grime and collects it into a water tank using vacuum- for easy disposal

7 key features of the Salla 500are:

  • Battery powered operation to eliminate the danger of electrical cables near wet areas;
  • Provides an easy wash down for complete cleaning;
  • Dual cylindrical brush designed to deep clean profiled surfaces;
  • Sweeper and vacuum function in both wet and dry surfaces;
  • Reduces OH&S issues likes slips & falls and repetitive strain injuries;
  • A swimming centre with two large pool areas can be cleaned within one hour;

Jetvac Major- a professional contractor grade steam cleaner, for use in aquatic centers

4 Key features of the Jetvac Major are:

  • A steamer that is ideal for cleaning deep grout lines and tiles inside the swimming pool;
  • Santises and restores surfaces;
  • Suitable for use indoors within other facility areas e.g. bathrooms, shower areas, corridors and benches;
  • Requires very low water consumption;

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