Maintaining Hygiene within Massage Therapy Centres

Are your massage therapy centres facing hygiene issues or in need of an effective, versatile cleaning tool to do the cleaning job in an easy one step process?

It is important that massage centres have the highest standard cleaning procedures that eliminate stubborn bed bugs, parasitic mites and greases caused by the high frequency of contact between your patients and your massage equipment such as massage tables, mattress, pillows, cradles and therapeutic mats.


Massage Therapy Cleaning Solutions with Duplex

Here are top 3 reasons why Duplex Cleaning Machines is the ideal solution:

cleaning mattresses and removing bed bugs within massage therapy centres is easy with high temperature dry steam vapour

  • Quick and Effective: Duplex Cleaning’s products produce a continuous jet of super heated steam vapour combined with hot water injection to clean all types of surfaces in just a few minutes without the use of chemicals, helpers, and even professional cleaners. They are also cost-effective and time-saving.
  • Advanced Steam Technology: Besides being one of the most powerful steam generators in the market today, Duplex Cleaning’s machines are backed up with the world’s advanced steam technology which permits automatic refilling and self-cleaning boilers that last for years, compared to old conventional machines.
  • Environment and green friendly: Many of Duplex Cleaning’s products use steam vapour only which eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and detergents that could be hazardous to the patients.


cleaning tiles effectively within massage therapy centre patient facilities Duplex Cleaning Machines has been serving and providing effective steam cleaning solutions for more than 20 years to the Australian health industry.

The steam produced by Duplex Cleaning’s cleaning equipment has been proven as the most practical method of superheated dry steam over 45 degrees Celcius in the elimination of bed bugs including its insecticide eggs commonly found in inside fabrics and mattresses.

Watch our video for ideal cleaning solutions in massage therapy centres. For a free on-site demonstration to experience why our Duplex Cleaning products are the most reliable steam cleaners on the market , contact us at Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or visit

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