Improve your venue's hygiene with specialised graffiti and gum removal equipment

Gum removal from public spaces and venues

Christmas is almost upon us and many public venues are gearing up with their Christmas decorations in the lead up to Christmas day.

There is a prevailing emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness to please and impress patrons, whether it be shopping malls, retail stores, city precincts or even sporting centres.

Some venues can also attract the incidence of vandalism in the form of graffiti or litter, such as chewing gum, that can significantly detract from the appearance of a venue.

Fortunately, Duplex Cleaning Machines is dedicated to providing solutions for those who are looking for effective ways of removing gum or waxes from outdoor spaces, as well as erasing stubborn graffiti marks on walls. Superheated dry steam vapour at +180 degrees Celsius is produced by Duplex’s steam vacuum machines, with the added capability of injecting detergent designed to destruct gum residue and provide thermal sanitation. Superheated dry steam, at up to 8 bar pressure, can melt and extract gum in seconds.

chewy gum removal with Jetvac steam vacuum equipment

Similarly, the gum removal process with steam vapour can also be applied to the issue of graffiti. Utilising superheated dry steam vapour does not harm the underlying surface, allowing steam vapour to penetrate and remove graffiti, without harming walls, fences, gates and pavements. On the other hand, conventional techniques, using solely chemical products, can be hazardous from an environmental point of view.

Duplex’s versatile steam vacuum equipment, which provides powerful blasting and vacuuming capability, can help you save hours and eliminate the need for professional contract graffiti remover specialists.

chewy gum removal

Book a demo now on 1800 622 770 to see how we can help you facilitate your pre-Christmas cleaning and ensure your venue is in pristine condition for the upcoming Christmas festive time.

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