Disinfect Food and Beverage Cleaning Systems

Sanitisation and sterilisation is essential for the food industry, its consumers and its staff. 90 per cent of contamination in the food industry happens during the production and packaging process. Staphylococcus, gastro-enteritis, botulism and Escherichia coli are just a few of the many dangerous diseases that are infectious and result from a lack of hygiene and cleanliness in the food industry. High standard cleaning processes should be maintained in all key areas of your food business to avoid bacteria propagation.

Prevention of such dangerous bacteria in food and beverage processing can be done with Duplex

  • Duplex steam cleaners use water only which is converted into hot dry steam preventing bacteria proliferation kitchen cleaning with dry steam vapour equipment
  • Unlike the traditional mop and bucket, Duplex systems do not recycle dirty water. cleaning equipment for use on hard floor surfaces within food and beverage processing areas
  • Duplex steam vacuum cleaner can degrease and remove dirt, grease, mould, mildew, oils, bacteria and germs without the use of harmful chemicals. Equipment Sanitisation

Ideal Duplex steam cleaners for food and beverage include:

Equipment for cleaning food preparation areas within the hospitality industry

  • Jetsteam Maxi – ideal for cleaning food equipment such as cutlery, basin, disinfection of knives, drinking cups, bowls, cookers and many more.

Jetvac Major – ideal for degreasing and remove hard stains and metal dust in food processing systems to restore surfaces to brand new.

  • Jetvac Junior – ideal for cleaning oily surfaces such as canopies, work benchtops, walls and many more. Jetvac Junior is also ideal for vacuuming liquid and spills on any surface, whether it be floors or walls.

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