How Steam Cleaning Prevents MRSA Outbreaks and Infections in Hospitals

Within hospitals viral and bacterial infections generally spread via staff, patients and inanimate contact objects. While there are detailed precautions measures in place to prevent the infection and MRSA outbreak to spread from staff and patients; current cleaning practices are very reactive. Hospitals need to incorporate modern and versatile cleaning technologies such as dry steam vapour cleaning into their daily cleaning regimes.


control infectious disease outbreaks in hospitalsTHE STEAM SOLUTIONS For many years, even centuries, steam has been renowned as the world's most reliable disinfector to decontaminate even the most dangerous bacteria and viral microorganisms. With boiler temperatures of up to 190º C Duplex's dry steam cleaners have proven to destroy and dislodge bacteria in an instant. Released under low pressure steam is able to penetrate deep into crevices and textile fabrics, killing any bacterial microorganisms and superbugs residing in these areas. Most of our dry steam equipment enables cleaners to safely decontaminate and disinfect entire facility wards without the patients even leaving their rooms. Duplex steamers are especially ideal for efficiently deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising inanimate objects such as:

thermoglide steam mop- used on ward floors and theatre surfaces, helps control outbreaks of infections within hospitals

  • Window Blinds
  • Dividing Curtains
  • Mattresses
  • Bed Frames
  • Arm Chairs
  • Walls and Floors

See how Duplex steam vapour cleaners can assist the hospital facility's fight against MRSA, Staph, and VRE infections by arranging a demonstration of cleaning from Duplex Cleaning Machines via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To view a range of products from Duplex, visit

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