Industrial Cleaning Equipment for Sanitising Racing Venues

The Spring Racing season is now upon us, with the big events such as the Melbourne Cup soon to take place. The hygiene and cleanliness of your racecourse is now a number one priority. Whether you need effective cleaning solutions to clean your ground before the big racing events or tidy up the mess post- racing events, Duplex Cleaning Machines offers you a versatile range of heavy duty floor cleaning and steam disinfection machines for your venue. Here are the best choices in industrial cleaning machines for your racing track and large public areas…


SALLA 350: Salla 350

  • Walk behind floor cleaner
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery (eliminating the hassle and OH&S hazards of long cords
  • Inbuilt battery charger (no need to worry about recharging during the cleaning process)
  • Two in one Multipurpose design (hard floor cleaner and wet/dry vacuum)
  • Vaccum can be removed from main body of machine

JETVAC MAJOR Powerful industrial steam vapour equipment for cleaning public venues, racing clubs and grandstand areas

  • High quality steam machine
  • Clean bathrooms, seats, gates
  • Equipment detailing
  • Cleaning solution for large scale steam cleaning and wet vaccuming
  • Featuring +155°C-190°C temperatures, 94% dry steam vapor, 6 or 10 BAR steam pressure
  • Hot water/detergent injection and simultaneous wet vacuuming
  • No chemicals needed

FERRARI SWEEPER: Ferrari floor sweeping machine

  • Green indoor cleaning (no pollution or loud noises)
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Large sweeping width of up to 1100mm
  • Electrical powered
  • Long lasting battery

Contact Duplex Cleaning Machines to book an on-site free demonstration to see how our steam machines can help you improve hygiene and cleanliness at your racing venue or ground. For a quote on these machines, contact the Duplex Cleaning Machines Head Office on 1800 622 770 or submit online enquiry form.

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