Simple Innovations for Housekeepers

Innovation in cleaning industry may have ever confused us, to some extent, whether they are applicable, affordable, and whether they can actually contribute to positive changes. It takes an extra work to be able to look for hidden value in each existing innovations – but we have summarized some essential innovations that you might want to consider:



Eco-Friendly: good for cost, good for environment

We know this is no longer a new trend but unfortunately not all businesses have taken this as a norm. First, providing green cleaning means supporting safer environment with better cleaning quality. Second, think about cutting cost – of electricity, chemicals, or fuel. The less you use them, the more you can save.

Ensure of choosing the right eco-friendly product that will substantially reduce waste, using renewable energy, and reduce environmental footprint. It should include green cleaning agents, low water usage, as well as the use of microfiber – a reusable cloth to replace wasteful paper towels that, with our collective actions, will result in less cutting of trees and less waste disposal in the long run.

Eco Friendly


Automation: controlling excessive workforce

Many expenses spent in hiring unproductive workforce. Unfortunately, many conservative businesses would prefer spending big on wages than adapting automations. Think about cost-efficiency – automated floor cleaners will be able to fill this void. While the robots can automatically clean areas by themselves, cleaners or staffs may find time to focus on other value-added tasks. No more extra workforce needed to help them clean and let these robots do the whole dull and repetitive tasks. Now let’s count – instead of paying 400$ for 4 cleaner in one day that takes 4 hours of cleaning with uncertain result, you can invest a few dollars a day instead, on better equipment, that will enable you to finish more task using less people.



Training: efficiency comes from the right training procedures

Let us not talk about how training could bring significant impact to customers’ satisfaction – it is the thing we all have been aware of. Think of how much will it cost to lose an employee and hiring anew again – it costs not only your operations, but your customers. Housekeeping industry should have been considering training as a way of reducing cost and leverage efficiency, which many of them have been missed.

Ensure all staffs are well trained and their rights are fulfilled. The more you have loyal staffs with you, the more possibility for you to grow your business that will be improving every single day. Training is a risky expense, but if you spare good amount of attention to organize training and your employee welfare, it brings you some significant cost-saving in the long run.

Training equipment staff


Communications Software: efficient organization of daily operations

Software is here to stay. It increases efficiency and lessen the need of a time-consuming, manual daily management. Use correctly so you can organize daily operations from shift scheduling, inventory control, purchasing orders, and delivery scheduling at your fingertips. There is no more paper-based inventory report where your staffs will make it up because they forget, or because the paper was gone. Software is here to help you monitor whatever happens on a daily basis.


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